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  1. Old dog and some new tricks.. 'bout time to share

    The roses are seriously cool, gonna have to try one for my wife. Thanks for sharing!
  2. ballpoint ink stain

    Hello everyone, my wife accidentally made some ballpoint pen marks on her leather purse. Looking for some advise on the best way to remove that. I was thinking of trying some saddle soap but wasn't sure if that would just spread the stain around. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Greetings From MI!

  4. Welcome to the forum. Lacing looks good too.
  5. Belts

    I also like the stitching, it provide a nice accent to the work!
  6. Jewelry chest

    These are great. The one on the bottom may be the most unique thing I've seen in leather yet. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Hi from Vietnam

    Really like the color on the belts. Excellent work.
  8. Hello from Ukraine

    Nice work, welcome to the forum. The red thread on the dark leather is a nice accent.
  9. Hello form the Environs of Allentown Pa

    Welcome to the forum Grumpymann, my first territory was out of Allentown, PA. That's some pretty county. Too populated for my taste, but it was a good experience. Still new to leather myself, but can tell you that everyone on the board seems nice, and are not harsh in giving out their critiques. Enjoy the community, they have already taught me quite a bit.
  10. myjtp, I am still pretty new to this but did you dilute the dye down? bikermutt07 told me in a different thread that he usually cuts his dyes to 5 to 1 or 3 to 1, this allows for making more than one pass if you have to even the dye out across the surface. The thread was in the Member Gallery and titled Greetings from Colorado. It's not my thread but that is where I asked him about dying. Hope that helps!
  11. Rose tooling

    Chief and bdpeters, thanks you for the kind words. Alpha2 thanks for the tip and the kind words. Each time I do a project I learn something, get a little better at something, and thoroughly enjoy myself. If you are at all curious, the finished product in shown in a thread I made called Finished Christmas Presents 2016. Again, thanks everybody.
  12. Some new stuff

    Man, have to chime in on the color, particularly on the top wallet. Very nice!
  13. Pocket Protectors

    Is that a 2-3oz Veg Tan leather then?
  14. Pocket Protectors

    Hey, there's something I didn't think of. They look great. Going to have to make one for myself. What did you use for dye? Know of any issues with the dye coming off?