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  1. Nice! Thanks for the step by step photos!
  2. so agree
  3. Really impressive for that age, really even for any age as a first!
  4. Thanks for showing us, what did you use for rose stems? Leather also?
  5. I get them in the mail all the time in CC offers
  6. Thanks! thought that was probably it, but I may have been missing something.
  7. I love the red on the inside, very cool.
  8. slobber straps are a good idea, I love the horseshoe handles for the small bag, are those wood? Very nice bag! Did you do the painting of the picture also? Nice.
  9. looks cool, but, I don't mean to sound stupid, I don't get how it works. I know it goes on a belt but I just don't get it. Guy thing?
  10. That is so pretty! I love it.
  11. Really like that, you must have been carving a long time!
  12. Congratulations!!! I am sure it will inspire many who see it!
  13. wow! love them, dragon!!