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  1. Clint Sims Lace Cutter/Splitter/Beveler FOR SALE- NEW

    member joined in feb, posted twice, both in this thread and hasn't been on since Apr, I'm thinking it's sold...
  2. Maker Mark

    agreed, i went with the same vendor for mine, as long as you don't mind the wait it's a quality product and Alex was great to work with...
  3. Maker Mark

    Those both look great! You should put that design fella on the payroll...lol.. So are you going to share which vendor you went with...asking for a friend
  4. Veg Single Shoulders

    dang it, knew i shoulda checked in here before turnin' in...I definitely agree on the chalky look..the belt straps I got were that same way...a quick buffing with sheep wool did wonders and made the black true...I used a little balm and tested a spot and it was even better so did the whole thing.
  5. i have a nice gov issued rig for a 1911, it rides mid back and has quite a bit of room for adjustment...i'll try to get a pic to illustrate asap. Pics added below of rig, and a comparison of a leather i think would be good for making the shoulder straps, it's a horween side i got from @nstarleather I've used it for a couple messenger bags and straps and it is very soft/supple, but also quite tough and has the same feel as the straps for the holster (feel as in temper etc) the center piece doesn't have to be the plastic type here, a good piece of 8-10oz would work as well i think...lots of options out there tho.
  6. Small Arbor Press, worth anything?

    dunno, but i like the way this one looks...660lbs should still be enough to get stamps etc a nice impression with a bigger working area...would be even better if it could be outfitted for snaps/rivets etc... http://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-Lever-Press-Deep-Throated/T10049
  7. Maker Mark

    now that is cool, i'd like to be able to heat mine other than by using an alcohol lamp or torch...
  8. Maker Mark

    I got you, should be able to do that, the background would be the impression, would you have it textured or smooth? That would look pretty awesome!
  9. Maker Mark

    Here's mine from @amleather (Alex Moreau) It took a long time to get here on the slow boat, but came out nice...I've hammered it quite a bit and also use it in the press with great results. The attached pic was the test impression he sent me before shipping out the stamp. Also attached is the proof after he worked up the design on the lettering to give a better impression...
  10. My hobby room

    definitely making progress, looks good!
  11. Snake Skin tanning

    Good deal, I'm hoping that is the same for me, the rattler is in the solution, hoping a week or so will do the trick
  12. And you WANT me to do this to you?@!

    I understand...at the end of the day if I make something and I'm not willing to sign it or claim it, then it's going to file 13. (large box of scraps and rejects that comes in handy when I need to test a stitch or mock something up)..I have done project management and prefer to get the requirement with some key points, then let me work...rather than send me a picture of someone else's work and ask for a duplicate. I don't mind a reference for inspiration, but honestly for a duplicate just forget it... now don't get me wrong, there are many makers out there I aspire to, and my work shows aspects that I've learned or patterns I've purchased, but once it's done it is still mine. What's worse is when someone sends me a picture and says "can you make this exact item, but only charge me a fraction of what this maker sells it for" I usually am quick to answer..."Nope, that maker has a process established, as well as a pattern, and if they're selling in volume likely have a team of workers making parts etc, what I can do is make something like what you want, but you'll be paying for the cost of custom setup, one off materials if req'd, as well as my time" I may have the wrong outlook on this, but I enjoy this craft for the craft part of it, and I do enjoy it.
  13. Snake Skin tanning

    I'm hoping so, he had been hunting for years and this is the first time he's come across one, It's not a rotten smell but it ain't a good smell either... It's been cool here and I'm keeping it in a sealed bag with as much air as I could suck out of it until I can get the glycerin.... Thanks fellas, I kinda knew this was the case but he's "sure" that salt was all that was needed to "tan" the skin...I explained to him pretty much what y'all said, the salt preserved it until it can be tanned but if I put it on a belt as is it'll be too rotten smelling to wear before the leather even broke in...
  14. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    Agreed, I played with one briefly last weekend and was not impressed... The size leads me to believe they're catering to a crowd that cuts small shapes, I used the round dye that they have and while it makes a nice circle that's all it is... Was going to play with the tipping machine but didn't have the time... The clicker may be suited to wallet pockets and leather earnings, but the fact you'd have a hard time getting a holster out of it turned me off immediately, also it's a cumbersome setup with out the swing away too, I'd spend the extra $$ and go for the Weaver or similar rig
  15. Snake Skin tanning

    I'm curious as well...my buddy gave me the skin friday, but all he did was salt it after putting it on the board, i'm not sure if we need to do anything else to it before attempting to make anything with it...i know one thing for sure, it stinks!...lol Can you go back and do the glycerin/alcohol mix tanning solution after drying and salting?, and would that help get rid of the dead animal smell?