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  1. awl for saddelstitch

    Nope, you're right, it was only $4/foot...I was on the phone when i posted this and didn't have the invoice handy... I got a 20 footer and the glasses case was made from a small rectangle that was squared off from a bag, not really scrap but just big enough for a wallet back or something. I still have some of the olive and black cherry left, but will be hitting you up for more once I get these other bags done. That hand sewing thread I picked up turned out to be some awesome stuff, I really like using it with smaller needles for detail work.
  2. Sewing Machines

    What he said... Now if you came on and said we sell juki machines and after browsing this awesome site we're offering a discount for leatherworker.net members... Or we're a new supporter vendor for letting.net and wanted to contribute to this great resource... Etc
  3. 2d the scrap trial run, you can only put so much on at once before you end up bronzing or hazing it, then you get to buff all that wasted pigment off and try again.... I've noticed this mostly with dark brown or black. You could try dampening the leather a little first or use oil dye...
  4. Stamp makers

    He is in Viet Nam, but I'd actually French, easy to communicate, the stamp came well packaged and polished...
  5. awl for saddelstitch

    I did the glasses case with a $10 can osbourne awl and $12 stitching prints from Amazon, the leather is black cherry featherstone from sb foot I picked up from @nstarleather for $6/sqft, I used some waxed braided thread 150d size
  6. awl for saddelstitch

    This is true, I did the quickie version and the improvement was night and day...i finished my stitching for that project (pictured below) then put the awl aside to work over more later...I spent about an hour on it last night and it is improved some but i think i still have a ways to go before i get to where i want it to be.
  7. Thanks @CowboyBob the good news is i got ahold of @bikermutt07 as he has been looking for a machine as well, so he picked up the 206 last night and is just waiting on his table to come in as well...When i looked under the adler as he was explaining the safety clutch mechanism I noticed the belt was a shiny newer black rubber at least on the outside, i'll be sure to ask him about the age and if he had already completed the pulley swap on the machine. He did advise that the feet are more expensive than the consew, but they are still available. This one already has smooth bottom feet and the feed dog didn't feel overly sharp like maybe the PO had already set it up for leather. They both have reverse and the big bobbin, but the adler can be set to reverse with out holding the lever which i like, i like to have both hands free to hold whatever I'm sewing as i'm still new to it...i didn't look at a speed reducer yet, i'll see how it performs with the servo dialed down.
  8. Thanks @Uwe, I was looking for that info, I have a cb3200 for holsters and belts, but was looking for something beefier than my singer 15-91 for things like wallets and lighter bags, and upholstery. I also was looking for something that would take a binder attachment or do piping. From the brochure it sounds like this should work out for us. The bed plate on this thing is large and looks like this could be outfitted with an additional hook and needle for double needle stitching later down the road...it is a sturdy feeling machine when turning by hand, hoping to get a chance to sew off this afternoon if the table comes in.
  9. So in my attempt to get an old singer 78-1 sewing again, it turns out the oscillating shaft has a bow to it and is making it impossible to get it to stitch correctly, while visiting with my local sew shop tech he pulled out a consew 206-rb1. I was interested in it and the price was going to be good, then yesterday when i brought the wife by to pick up the new paperweight (78) he told me he had something else i may be interested in, the adler 67-372. It appears for the most part to be the same machine function wise, with a few perks over the consew like a drop in bobbin, a safety clutch on the drive, and a presser foot tension adjustment, all things the 206 didn't have, so I decided since the price was going to be the same i'd go with the adler. It's older and uglier, but hoping it turns out...he should be getting the table from the lady that owned it ( she didn't like the safety clutch feature), tomorrow so i can check it out.
  10. Stamp makers

    I went with AM Leathercraft (alex moreau) as long as you don't mind waiting on the slow boat from viet-nam, the price is very reasonable...
  11. That is still awesome, I'd want something for heavier binding, but not ready to pony up the dough yet lol
  12. I used a deglazing solution of alcohol and lemon juice and wiped then down, then let dry and dyed with a reduced dark brown fiebings at 50/50 after that. Used a little kiwi brown polish to finish it off That is the truth...
  13. Had a buddy that found a deal on a $350 pair of shoes for $35, they just didn't match his wardrobe so asked me if i'd take a crack at 'em...here's the result. https://imgur.com/a/6LQd18z
  14. Pattern Needed

    without the gun or a mold gun a pattern isn't going to do you much good...for the colt 1911 I'd buy a cheap airsoft pistol rather than buying the blue gun, if you plan on making more of these, you could consider the blue gun, but for a one n done holster, $15 is not too bad... https://www.amazon.com/BBTac-BT-1911A1-Spring-Airsoft-250-FPS/dp/B004B1MTSK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1534043992&sr=8-5&keywords=colt+1911+co2+airsoft+pistol&dpID=41WlCQx590L&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch and use the @JLSleather pattern for the 4.25" colt... http://www.jlsleather.com/sdm_downloads/1911-holster-pattern-pancake-commander-4-25-inch/ and follow the directions for converting the pancake owb to iwb http://www.jlsleather.com/sdm_downloads/leather-holster-pattern-making-basic-iwb/ That should be all you'd need...post up pics when it's done so we can see how it turns out.
  15. Creaser: Alcohol vs Electric

    i bought the creaser and burner and denatured alcohol all on amazon, but separately...