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  1. ok, took a bit of googling but found it again, Ranger_Belt_Instructions 1&2 pattern & instructions in .pdf format...
  2. So I think I have a new suede outer money belt to hang in the workshop... Everything was going great then I decided a taper on the tie side would cut down the bulk and be easier to put a keeper on the buckle side... This whole time the middle hole is meant to be the sweet spot at 44"hips, but I started my taper closer to the 5th hole...###!@! I don't know what possessed me to do this, I had my template and notes right next to me and still cut it. The problem now is when in the third hole the front of the belt doesn't match up... Trying to think of a way to offset this. Worst case I only have to redo the main body since I used a separate billet for the bullet loops. Any advice is welcome.
  3. There's a pinned post here somewhere for this, I just saw it a couple weeks ago try Google search with site:leatherworker.net then your search words like ranger belt sizing.
  4. 29K Broken Base

    you should just junk it, I'll take it and even pay shipping...lol , I've been a believer in jb weld for along time. I had an old chevy monza that i swapped the small 283 for a 350...didn't realize the oil pan on the original motor had a space for the driver side tie rod...long story short, I had a 1/4" grease fitting sized hole in the side of it after one sharp right turn...i drained it, cleaned the oil off, and rounded/smoothed the hole, stuck a short flange bolt in and jb welded it...held up for a few years until the underside frame got so rusted it wasn't safe to drive
  5. Second Holster

    Very awesome, I've slacked on my tooling lately, picked up my swivel knife the other night and remembered how much I enjoyed it...lol.
  6. I love my cb3200, it has more clearance under the foot and bigger thread size capability, but I think for belts and sheaths you'd be gtg with the 2500, holsters depends, I did a western style with welts that ended up close to 1/2". For purses it would depend, i use my cowboy to stitch the corner seams of the shave kits, some of the softer leather can get pushed down into the feed dog opening. There is a needle plate that is flat and the bottom feed dog is not a factor... For the price point I think you'd be set with the cowboy and there are tons of raves here about Toledo and their customer service... Which doesn't come with the singer. That's my 2 cents that turned into a buck 25 lol... Not sure where you're located but that is always a factor.
  7. singer machines

    @ray123 Ok, i got it, you will get a better result posting in the classifieds/for sale area for used sewing machines...I'm pretty sure you'll need to put in the info, pics and price...an @Admin /moderator may come by and move this post for you as well. http://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/84-used/ I can assure you there should be plenty of interest, esp in the 97-10...also, good to know if you are going to entertain shipping etc. Good luck V/r Eric
  8. singer machines

    So are these for sale and you're posting here first to gauge interest, or did you buy them and need help getting them going????
  9. Speed reducer question

    Gotcha, I'm tracking on the different sizes on the same pulley, but I don't see how that matters unless you factor the motor pulley and machine handwheel pulley... Torque wise.. Like @bullmoosepaddles stated all other variables remaining constant the larger pulley should give you the slower speed, higher torque, which was your original question, right? For Max torque I'd venture a small motor pulley to the 9"speed reducer pulley then to a larger or equal size handwheel pulley.... Depending on the machine's pulley if there is a large Delta in price between the two you could go small motor pulley, 6" reducer pulley provided the handwheel pulley is large enough it you can reduce the size of the motor pulley enough to get to the same speed/torque as the 9"speed reducer.
  10. Arbor Press modifications for snaps/stamps

    site:leatherworker.net arbor press for snaps if you use this in google you'll get a ton of results, very effective search engine technique...I hope these help.... Many of the ones I read suggest 3/8" hole with a set screw vs threaded. My brass maker's mark has 1/4" 20 threads, but you can ask your vendor to change that or drill/tap yourself if you're comfortable with that. How wide is your stamp going to be? Mine is just about 1.5"x1.5", I used a wide flange nut and fender washer to but up against my stamp and a nylon lock nut above that on a threaded bolt. this seemed to help even out the stamp when using a mallet, not sure if it would help under a press.
  11. Speed reducer question

    I don't understand how both will get you to 3-1?... Unless you have different pulleys for the drive motor or machine.
  12. Leather Squadron/Group patches made .......

    I know a few guys I work with love collecting old patches, I'll see if this is something they'd be interested in, I know there are some more rare limited ones, it's almost like baseball card collecting for them lol...
  13. Still at it.

    Those look great, I had a rough time with the antique and top finish as well, o started doing the antiquing in the same manner as before, put it on and take off the raised areas with a stiff piece of leather with a paper towel wrapped around it (more like scraping it off the top), let it dry then spray my top finish on, let dry good then buff...I really like the way you got the spacing on the coaster where the corners end up leaving a spade shape.
  14. Tandy Round Knife Verses Le Prevo T162

    Yeah, I spend allot of time sharpening and stropping the Tandy knife, when it's fresh it cuts but doesn't last as long as I'd like for sure, I usually use my rotary cutter for all but tight radius cuts then I use the round knife to get those... Unless I have a punch that matches and I'll use that before and smooth out the shape for edges with the Dremel......
  15. Plans for a leather splitter?

    I started down this path as well, but ended up getting a good deal on a Tandy pro splitter... Still have a set of planer blades in the drawer, may get them out one day when I feel like tinkering