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  1. Kind of like the Janome HD3000 they have better...honestly i can get it to do almost the same as the stitch master, just not quite the oompf and no servo/speed reducer...but it makes very nice stitches and feels pretty solid.
  2. as Wiz said, i've played with it some and it tops out at 10oz and the thread size limit would be a nogo for holsters, probably sheaths as well. For the shows, you'll need something that will handle the size of leather and thread you need, other than hand-stitching there aren't many options for a lightweight transportable solution...even the boss and outlaw need a sturdy mount to keep it from jumping all over, you may as well carry the cobra with you unless power is an issue...
  3. Sharpening head knife gah!!

    I can't agree enough with this, i felt the same way initially and figured i just got a dud knife...nope, just had to dedicate some time and patience to really get a good edge on it, then keep it stropped, i strop every time i pick it up and just before i put it back in it's case. keep at it and don't give up, a really good sharp head knife is gold in this biz...
  4. Makers stamps, who’s the best?

    I'll tag this here too, pretty good thread about different mfg and links to their sites...personally i've used AM Leathercraft (good price, long wait for shipping to states) and leatherstampmaker (highdesertCNC) good price and quick shipping for US
  5. Makers stamps, who’s the best?

    There's an entire thread started by JLS Leather just for this...
  6. VB Tools worth their price?

    I have a 2.0 you can check out next time you're over...
  7. Messenger bag build

    Thank you, I prefer on this application to not use glue or the basting style tape for the seams. For a turned bag, i have a hard time getting the glue/tape line just right, so when the bag is turned right side out after sewing sometimes there is a little glue or tape visible. The last bag before this i was able to get it right, but i also added a welt to the seam so that helped some (mainly my glue line was wider and i had the welt to cover it), but was inherently more tedious and took significantly more time. Also for the oil tanned leather, especially some like this double waxed, glue doesn't work well on the grain side at all (even after roughing, i had a time getting the pockets stuck down before stitching) and the seams will slip if not held very closely to the presser foot. For the second question, @battlemunky covered it, if you're still curious...https://www.leather-dictionary.com/index.php/Pull_up_leather_-_Greased_leather_-_Waxed_leather_-_Oiled_leather
  8. Messenger bag build

    Thanks, the clips were on Amazon... Don't remember how much but have more than paid for themselves lol Thanks, and you're welcome...
  9. Where to buy 207 thread

    @CowboyBob or @SolarLeatherMachines are both great sources for thread, I use solar-leather since they're the closest cowboy dealer to me, and a few spools gets heavy for shipping, toledo industrial machines would be closer to you, and i don't think you'll find better thread for the price than your cowboy dealers....
  10. My suggestion, for a clean matching holster/mag pouch...check out @JLSleather https://www.jlsleather.com/matching-leather-sets/
  11. that is what i was wondering, i mispoke on this one, no parts were replaced, just a cleaning and service...it spun freely enough before hand, but now not as well. i was wrong, the 78-1 got a replacement shuttle carrier, only to find out the shaft is bent as well...the 127 was just brought in as a basket case and reassembled.
  12. Messenger bag build

    One more for this morning, simple messenger bag made with @AcadiaLeather double waxed black jack, these have been quite a hit lately. This was the first time I managed to get the gusset stitched without gluing first, the clips helped a lot as did a few heavy duty staples the were removed afterwards.
  13. Good morning, I thought I'd share a recent project with you. This is a simple leather sleeve for a moleskin notebook, the unit logo was done with a nice stamp from @LeatherStampMaker and the 6 ton harbor freight press. And the #Airborne was done by making a stencil and air brushing...
  14. Adler 67 Bobbin Thread Pickup

    Also as mentioned above, with the clutch machine there is a chance with a jam the clutch has popped, it's under the machine on the right side of the shaft, holding the clutch and rotating the hand when toward you should allow the spring loaded ball bearing to pop back into place, let me know if you need pics etc
  15. Hey wiz, i have an old iron body or two, my 127 was completely serviced, but it feels like there is a sticky spot and makes the shuttle drive feel "jerky", i haven't put a motor on it yet and was told that it was normal after getting some new parts to let it "run in" to allow the machine to wear the newer parts and it should be back to smooth operation. I have a couple of tables i could put this in, but it's a short bed and doesn't fit so i'm going to need to alter or make an adapter to drop it in first...