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  1. 1910 singer 127/128 https://imgur.com/a/6CviC Here's an old machine we found in the attic of a house we bought over 10 years ago, we've been dragging it around with us and finally I decided to start tearing down and see if it's salvageable. Below is the 15-91 I picked up a couple weeks ago, $40 and in perfect shape!
  2. Show your Shop

    The fold down bench works great, problem is having to clear it after I'm done to fold up lol
  3. Show your Shop

    Well here is my mess, I carved out some garage space with a wall mounted fold down bench, added some rail mount wall cabinets for storage. I also have my inside work area which is a huge desk and my recent singer 15-91. https://imgur.com/a/Akna9
  4. Shout Out to Bossier City Tandy Crew

    I liked the older couple that worked in there, I bough my first starter kit there years ago. I need to run down there next time I'm in that area and drop in before they close up shop. You read my mind on getting together, I always enjoy show and tell and trading notes etc, just need this torrential downpour to let up some
  5. Lace work

    I take it back, now that i was able to view on my computer larger size, that looks like a flat braid, maybe 4 strand snake belly?snake belly flat braid...
  6. Lace work

    Starting the mexican edge/round braidI think that top is a mexican edge braid (i'll post a link to the video i used to learn if i can find), i've done quite a few of these, be ready to spend some time, watch the same videos over and over and curse alot....lol, but the end result is awesome.
  7. Shout Out to Bossier City Tandy Crew

    I agree, as a military guy my biggest worry is if there is a decent leather supplier near. When i was at ft huachuca, the folks at the tucson store always treated me great, and now that i'm back in bossier i'm happy to see they're there. I used to go to the store over by I220 exit, not sure if it's still there, but have been to the one next to shane's ALOT already...lol.
  8. Show me your wallet

    here's a design i tried from high on glue, it's all 1 piece, i cut it out with the cricut and used the cheapest leather i had leftover.
  9. Sliding Rectangle Buckle Placement

    I would keep the buckle on the bottom or underside piece, but it's really a matter of personal choice. with the buckle on the top flap your strap will be fastening from bottom to top, but if it's not something that will be carried around like a satchel i wouldn't see an issue either way.
  10. DE Razor Pouches

    Beautiful cases, it has reminded me that not everything needs a hardware enclosure... I've added snaps or buckles on things that would've looked much better with a piece of scrap for a loop. I'm storing this in the mind vault for sure.
  11. Cutting Toools (Laser or Cricut)

    Hey TomG, What kind of cutter are you using? Did you have a problem with the blue tape peeling of the leather at all? I've used scotch tape and no problems. Since my last video i've started using thing plastic sheets i bought for mold making, i spray one side down with repositioning adhesive then stick my leather to that and then stick that to the mat. It seems to help having a little more solid backing for cutting and i don't trash the cricut mats with the flesh from the leather.
  12. Cutting Toools (Laser or Cricut)

    I agree with bikermutt overall, don't give up on the head knife, take time to keep your edges maintained and practice, practice, practice! That said, i"ve also used the cricut, i have a cricut explore air2 (about $100 cheaper than the maker) and have cut out up to 4/5 oz with a deep cut blade and multiple passes. There are some tricks to doing this like anything else that i've had to learn over time. I posted a video on youtube of the cricut cutting out the golfball and tee holders i made recently. I've also gotten decent at inkscape in order to get the files into the format i want, this way i can resize, customize etc...the think in the "A" carriage is the scoring stylus, it will do a decent job of scoring a pattern or whatever that you can go back over with the swivel and tooling after. Here's the link to my gallery with the finished product. The blue tape did peel off some of the top layer of this economy vegtan, but fortunately it was wrapped around the back and after tooling and finishing didn't show.
  13. 20161224_120516.jpg

    From the album Blue Falcon Leather

  14. 20161219_220928.jpg

    From the album Blue Falcon Leather