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  1. Decorative stitching in silk thread

    I've never used silk, but I sometimes do some "fancy stitching" using different colours or stitches. Others also do appliqué patterns. Essentially, a lot of the basic techniques for fancy stitching are the same as for embroidery. On my pinterest board, I have some examples of the stitching I use.
  2. My Swiss Army Saddlebag restorations

    The Swiss army leather goods are incredible quality. We see them on the markets all the time here in Geneva. I recently purchased a Swiss Army Saddler's clamp for 50 bucks...I haven't yet received it, but it looks pretty decent.
  3. I use a mixture of flaxseed/linseed oil + beeswax + turpentine.
  4. New Year's Resolution

    Mine should be to stop buying tools, but I know that's not going to happen!
  5. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    First things first: how do you thread your needle? I'm assuming you double back and push the needle twice through the thread, so it doesn't unravel. I leave a couple of inches between the eye of the needle and the knot, rather than putting the knot just behind the eye of the needle: this couple of inches of doubled thread usually picks up all the gunk and leaves the hole clean for the single thread which comes after it. Secondly, I don't like using wax, which picks up more gunk: I use coad (a mixture of pine resin and beeswax).
  6. best punching board for leather

    Punching into endgrain is definitely the best. I have a 80cm-long section of tree trunk that I stand upright between my knees, so I'm punching into the endgrain. Works like a charm.
  7. Perhaps use the loop that's visible on the inside of the corner as a "hole" to double up your cover over the corner.
  8. If you want a ready to use blade, you can't go wrong with a Barry King or Leder Louis. I have both, and they're excellent. I also have the Vergez Blanchard - it's an excellent tool, but you'll have to do your finishing. If you're on a budget, I'd get this one....leaning n how to sharpen, finish and maintain your blades is an essential skill: even the most expensive blades will get blunt at one point.
  9. Pictres of some of Robb Barr's tools

    Lust, lust , lust!
  10. Bosal Supplies Europe/Austria

    Hi Christina, I order my leather from ...they're in Italy. Their thick veg tan shoulders and butts are good. Their bellies are pretty good value, but you will get the odd piece that isn't perfect. I like their pig skin, too.
  11. Palosanto Awls

    ...nice! I got them to do a custom very thin 1.4mm awl for some of my finer stitching. It works like a charm, but I'm always afraid to break it, as it starts to get a bit bendy below 1.8 mm.
  12. Non-leather alternative for simple snap bracelets

    One material that can be really nice to use is old bicycle inner tubes - those likely to be upset by the use of leather will probably find the recycling/upcycling aspect cool.
  13. Nitecore - "Burnished" Stitch Line

    He applies what seems to be mink oil initially. Then, at the 12.30 mark, it's a sheepskin (or similar) buffing wheel pad. And then around 13.40, what looks like a felt buffing pad. The fact that the edges are darker is ue to the fact that the mink oil(or whatever it is) seeps in more at the edges (more holes and porosity).
  14. Hello from France

    Bienvenue, MaryHann! Je me réjouis de voir ta production. De mon côté, je vis en suisse, et je suis 1/2 français et 1/2 écossais au niveau de mes origines. Il y a plein dinfos utiles à trouver dans ce forum, et beaucoup d'inspiration au niveau des projets... Bon vent à toi (puisque t'es bretonne!).
  15. That's awesome, thanks! Now I "just" need to find the skills to reproduce some of these on leather! Any of you willing to show your work?