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  1. Older style. Any condition and preferably in California and in good condition but I am ok shipping from anywhere in the US if the price is right. Thanks, Rigel
  2. Huntermetal

    Consew 206RB-1 crashed. Need service manual

    Thanks Gregg! I'll try these out.
  3. Hi. I recently bought this machine and someone forgot to push the bobbin case on all the way, went to sew and the needle broke, things crashed and threw everything out of whack! I did some searching and could find the manual but nothing showing the servicing of this machine. The main issue is I'm sure it's out of time and the thread release finger hits the hook assembly and I'm not sure what else needs to be adjusted. Anyone have the manual for setting up the bottom feed side of this machine? Or maybe a video link? How similar is the RB-1 to the RB-5? Could I use the same manual and set up procedure or information and be okay? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Huntermetal

    Fortuna Skiver Identification

    Thanks Jimi. I’ll pm you my email. The video looks similar but with a top roll instead of the standard foot. Here is a pic of the plate where the model usually is. I’ll check with Fortuna too. Cheers!
  5. Huntermetal

    Fortuna Skiver Identification

    Hi. I recently picked up this skiver and can’t find any info or manuals on this type. Does anyone recognize it? It has a semi-automatic head that has 3 settings you can switch between and another knob that does variations of the 3 settings but a manual would cut through a lot of stabbing in the dark. Some schematics would be great too. The functions don’t seem to work properly. Also can anyone point me in the in the right direction for buying a stone drive wheel? And what exactly is the users for each of the types? Knurled Steel, Stone and rubber? thanks!!
  6. Huntermetal

    Difference between Adler 205 370 and 205 374

    Thank you shoepatcher. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Wiz, thank you too. I actually haven’t had a chance to thoroughly go through it yet. I’ll check out the feed dogs.
  7. Hi. I just picked up an Adler 205-374 and can’t find much info on them. I do however see lots of info on the 370. Can anyone tell me what exactly are the differences? Thanks.