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  1. Carnivore

    Long Wallet- just finished.

    Just finished this long wallet. Outer shell is crocodile embossed 5 oz veg tan. Insides are 2-3 oz veg tan and the dye is Fiebings black
  2. Carnivore

    First time in a long time.

    Very nice! What is the collar around the handle for? I thought it might protect the handle if the head missed the target but the blade is so large you probably couldn't miss.
  3. Beautiful work, I love the lining and the edge finishing.
  4. Carnivore

    1st knife sheath

    Interesting design, are the side separate with a spline on both sides? It looks like that might be easier than rolling it over from one piece..
  5. Carnivore

    Gusset Virginity

    It is hand stitched.
  6. Carnivore

    Gusset Virginity

    After a year or so of making key fobs, wallets, bookmarks, coin purses etc. I decided to take the plunge and loose my " gusset virginity" as a first step towards making a hand bag. So my first gusseted project was a belt pouch. It turned out no too bad ( in my opinion) and sewing in the gusset was not as hard as I thought it would be. The leather I used was Tandy 5 oz. veg tan and the color is Tandy Eco-Flo Water stain Tan.
  7. Carnivore


    I didn't use an airbrush, the dye was applied with a cloth pad. One thing I like about the embossed veg tan leathers is that you don't get the visible streaking and blotching you sometimes get with the plain veg tans.
  8. Carnivore


    Thanks battlemunky, my stitching is a work in progress.
  9. This is a bi-fold wallet I just finished. It is 5-6oz veg tan crocodile print. The color is Tandy Eco-Flo Stain in medium brown.
  10. I'll take that as a compliment Ferg, but as you can see in the close up my carving is far less than perfect. Yes, it fits fairly snug. My phone is in an Otter Box and I wrapped it in Saran wrap and wet molded the leather for shape and fit.
  11. Here is a holster I made for my Iphone. I used 5 oz Veg Tan. The carving is from a West Coast Native sketch of a wolf.
  12. Carnivore

    Pre-stain cleaning

    Thanks for the tips fredK! I will try them out.
  13. Carnivore

    Pre-stain cleaning

    I recently used Eco-flo stain ( black) on some 3 oz. Veg-Tan leather. After the stain was absorbed and dry there was a bluish tinged residue visible under some light conditions. The residue had a swirl pattern from the applicator I used. The question I have is , should I have cleaned the leather before staining and what should be used?
  14. Carnivore

    2nd wallet

    This is the second wallet I have made. It is my first project that incorporated carving. I made it for my wife.
  15. Carnivore

    Re-inventing the wheel?

    Good point guys! I never thought the possibility of scratching leather if it had a finished side down on the sandpaper. So far I have only used veg-tan leather with the flesh side down on the sandpaper. I will have to try another method if I am ever working on something where I will be tooling with a good ( finished side down).