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  1. Laptop Design

    Thanks everyone and sorry for the delay. Life got a little busy and forgot to check back in. WScott thanks for the images, it helps to see a good example. Kwelna, I don't have a daughter with a laptop so I guess I better not mess it up . I made a paper demo and the thing is huge. I'm a little worried that this bag will be way to big to be worth it. What does everyone think? Kwelna, what size of bag where you trying to make? Around 17"? If anyone out there has made a 17" computer bag please give me some advice. After my paper demo model, I'm a little worried. I'll try and post a pic of it so I can get feed back. Thanks again.
  2. Laptop Design

    DoubleC, Thanks! That is what I was looking for. My initial plan was to draw everything out and then go at it. I'm not really sure what kind of spacing will be required for "leather thickness" but I guess this is something I need to play with. Once again thanks for the info, it is very helpful.
  3. Laptop Design

    Hello All I'm in the process of dreaming about building a laptop case for my 17" computer. I have never built a briefcase or messenger bag and I'm not sure where to start on how to design it. I figured I would have a spot for the computer in soft shell and divider for another spot for small notepads or papers. I was also considering putting on additional pockets but the main issue I have is drawing my patterns so the computer will fit. Can anybody out there lend me some patterns I can modify or give me advice on how to draw my own in order to account for thickness and such. Thanks in advance and have a good weekend. CW
  4. Pickup Man Chaps

    Hello Fellow carvers! I have a question about Rodeo Pickup men chaps. First off, how to make them. I've made chaps and chinks but my customer was telling me that they are extremely thick. Any one know where I can get plans and instructions to make them.
  5. Briefcase Patterns

    Glendon, Thanks for the reply. I'll look over those books again.
  6. Briefcase Patterns

    Hello Forum, I have been noticing many very nice briefcases on the forum and was wondering if anyone has some patterns or tips to get started. I would like to make one. Thanks for reading and I enjoy everyone's postings.
  7. New Business

    Hello All, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I would like to start my own leather business as a source of income during my time in Veterinary School and don't know how to go about it. Honestly I have no idea where to start. I was thinking of doing a LLC on legal zoom but don't have a clue on details. Although I'm going through school, I want to continue this trade and don't want to give it up. I hope someone out there can assist me in figuring out how to make this happen and any ideas that will help. Once agian, I have to clue of how to get this started and would like any and all info you can lend. Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks for the welcome. Curling is getting boring.

  9. Weaver

    Hello Everyone, I have been interested in Weaver for a while. When speaking about a tax ID, does this mean I would have to start a business? I do this as a hobby and don't have the flow to make the expense of a business license worth it. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks
  10. I have used super shene as a resist and it works pretty good. Make sure to use two coats (if you want a good resist) and allow each coat to dry all the way. This resist will resist tandy antiques pretty well. Good Luck and post your finished product.
  11. Dog harness and short leash

    Very nice SmilinJim. I'm interested in making a harness for the pups as well. Any advice on doing so that my help me. I really enjoy how happy your dog is, he looks ready to go for a walk.
  12. Great belts! It is cool to see how elegant one can actually make a belt. Peter, I hope one day my work looks as nice as yours. I love the lining work done on these belts. Thanks Rawhide for posting these.
  13. First Dog Collar

    This is my first dog collar from scratch, also first post with picture. Made from 8-9 oz. tooling leather and resist dye on tooling and Hi lite overall. I hope all of you enjoy. This collar fits a dog 17'-20". I made this to be raffled at a Relay For Life Event.