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  1. Fish Leather Finishing

    Tony, Makes since! Thanks for the help! Josh
  2. Fish Leather Finishing

    Tony, Thanks for the response. Is the Fiebing's leather sheen you referenced any different than the Angelus Acrylic finisher? Josh
  3. Fish Leather Finishing

    Rockoboy, To Funny! No issues when exposed to ordinary levels of moisture, rain act.? Thanks, Josh
  4. Fish Leather Finishing

    Hey all, I have a minimalist wallet I am working on using fish leather (looks like carp to me if that matters). My question is, what's the best process/product to use to seal it to stand up to daily use? Thanks! Josh
  5. All, thanks for the words of encouragement! I have found leatherwork to be almost therapeutic and I really enjoy it. If anyone views any areas that I could have done better please post them. I do appreciate all the accolades though! DP - I think your book cover is sweet. I opted not to get to in depth with the internal pockets and such as I am hand sewing and I am not a fan of it! Lol Josh
  6. Hi everyone, I have recently begun leather working and have found myself being asked to make some book covers. I would appreciate any feedback/critiques any of you have. I would like to get better at the craft and any tips and feedback you guys and gals could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Josh
  7. What is it?

    All, I have been trying to research and figure out exactly what model this is. I am looking at getting an economical solution for my sewing needs and came across a listing for this machine. If anyone has any insight on what model this is it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Josh