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  1. Adler 30-7

    I'm still waiting on parts to continue on with this project. I did get an adapter plate made for the Singer stand, but I'm not real sure I like how the machine sits on it. The Adler stand must be several inches wider than the Singer stand. I have decided to attach the pdf file I found for the Adler 30-70, as the file has proven to be quite handy in adjusting the Adler 30-7, and I have been unable to find the spot on the internet where I originally found it. It might come in handy for other people. The content has been changed slightly from the original to reflect a few things I have found different on the 30-7 from the 30-70. Steve Adler 30-7 new.pdf
  2. Adler 30-7

    Glenn, that's good to know. If I end up needing more parts I'll be sure to give you a yell. My hobby is wood working, so making the drawer is no problem, although it's just my best guess from looking at pictures on the internet. Steve
  3. Adler 30-7

    Yea, I like pictures too, so I suppose I'd better post a couple. The pictures are of the Adler 30-7 machine, and the Singer 29-4 stand. The size problem I'm facing is the Adler base is about 11 inches long, and the Singer stand is made for a base about 8 inches long, so the Adler feet stick out over the stand a couple of inches. I have designed an adapter plate to make up those 2 inches, but it would be nice to have the regular stand. I've sandblasted and powder-coated the stand, so it's looking really nice. Next project on the stand will be a new drawer for it. I'm still waiting on the Post office to deliver my parts. They can't seem to make up their mind as to what date they'll be delivering them. I think the day off Weds for the funeral during the busiest shipping month of the year was not an especially great idea. Anyway I'm sure once I get the parts I'll have questions and a few more pictures, Steve
  4. Adler 30-7

    Just thought I should introduce myself. My name is Steve, and I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My wife picked up an Adler 30-7 a couple weeks ago from her sisters husband. It was a bit stiff and lacking a few parts. I've been going thru it, and have it turning quite nicely now. As far as parts it was missing the leaf spring and sliding block. Also missing was the bobbin winding tire, the bobbin, the needle and the belt. The shuttlehook also looks a bit iffy, with the hook point broken off. So I have located parts all over the world and have parts on the way, so for now it's a waiting game. The leaf spring assembly is coming from Poland, so that part wins awards for traveling the furthest. The machine came with a Singer cast iron stand, so the machine doesn't fit on the stand very well. I've designed up an adapter to make the two mate up, but got to thinking that maybe someone on here has a Singer machine and an Adler stand. In which case they may like to work out a stand swap. So let me know if you fit in that category. Meanwhile I have come across a very nice trouble-shooting guide from Shoe Systems Plus that has come in very handy for going thru the machine. That along with all the information I've learned from the forum's on here has the machine looking pretty good. I'm looking forward to getting enough parts to see how the machine performs. I'm not entirely sure what the wife's intentions are for the machine, but I have a few ideas of my own. More to come...........Steve