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  1. I think Samco clicking presses was British company, I do not know if it's the same company as the big Canadian Samco company of today. Perhaps the label tells us something more? "Samco Strong Ltd" perhaps. I don't know unless I see it. USM stands for United Shoe Machinery. They are also a Canadian company that make and refurbish old leather related machinery. I have a Fortuna band knife splitting machine that is branded by USM, refurbished by them. The best thing you can do is posting a picture of the machine and label (name/number plate) I know that Samco is good machines and 25 ton should be good for cutting saddle parts. Tor
  2. Its the ones that JerseyFirefighter posted about, copper rivets and burrs. I doubt that machine in your picture takes the copper rivets and burrs. That's a very complicated way to set them. Haven't seen any machine that does them yet.
  3. That's what I call a handwheel, I think it is a Adler cl. 20. Based on the fixing of the leaf spring on top of the head, on the Singer 7 the base of the spring is casted in the head. Hard to see clearly on these pictures. Tor
  4. I saw a nice trippel feed (upholstery class sewing machine) Duerkopp Adler 767 with a Efka DC 1600 (NPS) system motor for sale to around 400 USD (produced after 1994). It was missing a few parts as a needle plate, bobbin cover and bobbin cover plate. Those parts are available after marked (apart from the last) and not to expensive. Anyway, such machine would bring in about 3000 USD and more here in europe. It's the top of the line DA machine before the new 867 came on the marked. I've registered that these machine do not get much more money in the USA than the 267-373 machine. Who are a very good machine indeed (I got one myself) but only half the price of a 767 high speed Xlarge hook tripple feed upholstery machine. With alternating foot hight, easy adjusted on the top wheel, long stitch lenght and many other avantages. Pneumatic foot lift, back tack and you name it. Here is a change to make some $ for someone, I live to far away I'm afraid. Are these the final prices of this website or auction prices. About Herman Swabe clickers, I guess these must be very durable good machines and I see they get very good prices on old looking machines. Perhaps they aren't old, only look the way they always have. There was some very cheap pneumatic presses there too, some where give away. They can easely be used as button setters, do cutting jobs or embossing tasks. Just hook on some air. Interesting web site indeed. Tor
  5. Yes Singer made a lot of different models as well. You really see how big these are on that table. The gold bling was more common on older machines and on domestics. These was all true industrials and seen use in WW2 as a repairing machine for canvas/tent etc. It even got a medal for its contributions along with two other Singer machines, if I'm not wrong.
  6. The Adler is a needle feed and would work much better for you use (CowboyBob sell roller foot that fit both the Adler and Singer) The singer is bottom feed and will mark up that nice Tærnsjø leather. You must make sure the Adler is a 105-64 (with needle feed), Bob above also sells a harness foot that fit the Adler machine. When it comes to medium duty machines like the Pfaff, you can find many bargains in Scandinavia. Nevertheless, cylinder beds are more expensive. The Pfaff 335 is a H2 and is very light in thread size. Has to be at least a H3, but still very small bobbin. The Adler is expensive because of the feed type, perhaps you can get it a bit down. They are not that commonly for sale in Scandinavia like the medium classes are. Have a look at Germany for comparison of prices (dealer prices are higher of course) Heavy stitcher are expensive if they have a usable feed type. Tor
  7. I would suggest you buy a led lamp instead and install separately from the motor, these motor lamps can have some bad mood somethimes. Yes those motors are old now. Still useable motors indeed, electronic clutch motor with position, electronic clutch electronic brake and expansions possibilities.
  8. Sure you have pushed the new needle all the way up- and the needle was brand new? Ask CowboyBob (Toledo industrial Sewing machine), he has a lot of Singer parts and know these machines. Are you sure that part broke just now. Tor
  9. Of course I'll love Singer fans, it's always possible they will not buy that nice Adler bargain and leave it for me
  10. VanRhodes, Yes they looks to be a bit longer. And there are many different types of front plates with foot lifter Yetibelle, it a big machine(s), no more room for machines I have no use. Yes those Adlers was saveable, they had done service in Norways biggest (only perhaps) sports tent producer. Espessially the highlift machines are valuable, if you are going to buy a SL produced Adler 120-30 you have to pay a crazy price for it.
  11. No offense, I understand it. It's good to alway find parts and documentation for what you working on. That's not always that easy with Adler, not a problem but Singer are better there. I'll guess I've had some bad luck with my Singers. I think the different is the precision the Adler are made, like comparing it to a Swiss watch with super nice steel. The Singer is strong heavy duty but a bit more ruff. The Advantage with Singer are that there was so many of them.
  12. Very nice, here it's pretty common with hight adjustment machine tables and position attachments. But I never seen that particular solution before. A German company sells all the linear parts you need for a built like this.
  13. A brand new (never used) Adler 120-8 for sale in Norway, high lift and alternating pressers.
  14. Here is a couple of highlift Adler 20-8 (or 8A, not sure) I could get for free some four year ago. The have a monster lift of 40 mm and used as garden ornaments. To bad really, these are expensive machines for the ones who need them.