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  1. By the way, not a very good way to attach a speed reducer; you cannot tension the machines V belt this way. Tor
  2. I use such frequency controllers (drives) all the time, sine I do not have 3 phase current in my workshop. Here (Norway) its 220v on single and 380v on 3 phase but the principals are the same. I use the drives on solutions when I need to control the speed on the motor (in addition to convert the current). On my clicking machine I rewired the motor to have it running on single Ph. I used two big 70 micro Farad capacitors not to loose any staring up torque, it is as strong now as it was before running on 3 Ph. You can loose a little torque when you use these drives and on some frequencies they tend to make bad sounds. That's no problem when you can adjust the speed, just change the speed/Hertz and the sound dissappear. On a clicking machine you have to run on maximum speed/Hertz all the time, you just have to hope it will not sound bad on that frequency. Here is an other AC motor (1,2 Kw 3 Ph) I had wired for the single Ph current. This is a air compressor motor but of similar size as the clicking machine, wired exactly the same way. Sorry for the bad picture quality, I can take new pictures if you are interested. Tor
  3. Nice find
  4. I wonder if our tool expert Bruce Johnson have seen this maker stamp before Bump
  5. You better move this add to the marketplace forum, this is a discussion forum only, thanks
  6. Impressing work Tom, you have a future as a tool maker. Looks like your machine uses a very different angle on the blade and a more stable blade support. Are you able to skive upholstery type of leather on your machine or only firm leather.
  7. I looked true is FB site and saw four machines in his workshop. a Pearson harness stitcher (or simmilar), a Adler 205-64, a Tipperman Boss and a old Singer 29K. No picts of the Pfaff, I look forwards to see that machine. Tor
  8. You can see how the Pfaff cl. 27 and 28 looks like in web site. Go too category "arm machines" (English language), to compare to the one you are talking about.
  9. I would check out Imca BV in Harleem (Nederland) (my links do not work, you got to type them in your self) They sell Global who was one of the earliest clones in Europe, they have made machines/parts for Duerkopp Adler. They also sell Hohsing motors (who are one of the best pro sewing motors on the marked today. They have a very good little needle position motor for a reasonable price "G 60", this motor works very well). They also sell used machines. is already mention above. But do not forget Frank Brunnet GmbH ""Germany, he sell several types of clones. I have a Danish friend who bought a clone from him he is very satisfied with, same class you are looking for. He has Global and perhaps Hightex too, and his a nice man to deal with who knows his trade well; good support. Do consider customer service/support as the most important factor when buying a Chinese clone machine. The price comes second, good luck. Tor
  10. What subclass are you Adler 5. If been sewing 16 mm thick leather with my old 5-27, it has a spring loaded jump foot and bottom feed. It preform pretty good on leather (it's built for leather work). You do not need that much foot pressure with this jumpfoot, it follows the material backwards and takes the pressure off the feed dog. (less marks underneath the leather compared to a regular bottom feed system). I also have a complete original saddlers attachment pack for it, with presser feets and needle plates etc.. It's a very good machine, I keep it as a backup machine it's still in new condition. I also like the old 328 needle system, it produce much less heat compared the longer 794. The needle on my 441 can be hot enough to melt thread sometimes, it need to use lubricant to cool it down on long runs.
  11. Perhaps "SV" stood for "Stolen Version" since they later became regular subclasses Can't see anything SPECIAL with them.
  12. Pfaff cl. 27 and 28 drop feed cylinder bed with barrel shuttle. Looks to be something a bit lighter than the Adler cl. 5 (Singer 45K). I do not know what needle system they use, might have been similar to the Adler cl 5 (328) Or perhaps something in the same range of the Singer cl 17. They look a bit like the last, but has described to have a barrel shuttle. The Singer have a shuttle, but not a barrel shuttle. It if those needles fit your Adler cl. 5, they cannot be similar to the 794 system the 441 use. They are way to long for a class 5 machine.
  13. Hi Simon, yes the "Rossler" have the horse symbol too. But I seen it on French tools too, If I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure anymore, when you forget to write such information down its forgotten after time. The second one is German I think, it's a couple of German tool companies with that name. It do not look that old to me, looks like something made in the 1960 and later. Perhaps not that good looking, but looks like a very good tool to me.
  14. Thank you very much Nox, Yes the knifes are still a mystery. I still have a feeling they might be German made, just a guess based on the handle material and ferulle. Thank you so much for the links/catalogs. It's a very interesting site about round knifes, I do have several of those knifes (around 25, but not all are different) Gomph tools are very collectible, I just lost two nice round knifes during shipping from USA. I favor a good HF Osb. or a W. Rose over a Gomph. First time I've seen his catalog, very interesting indeed. When I have a French tool expert here, I have a few other French brands I want you to take a look at (I might have more, but these will do for now). If you do not mind ? There where two nice circle/washer cutters in that same tool lot as the 2 mystery knifes. One has a beautiful stag handle and a horse brand (did not have the time to clean it up yet), I belive it's a "PORTRAIT". It's in very nice condition, blade is not even Re sharpened. (pic 1 & 2). Next is a double washer cutter 30 cm of brand "Prisma", it might be German and not very old. (pic 2 & 3). Next is a "serpette" I bought from France some years ago. It's marked "S:N:C:F and a laying B" (pic 4 & 5) It's a typical Blanchard pattern knife and has very good steel for leather( gets very sharp). One last tool a small 20 mm. English strap end punch from "Dumay a Paris" (pic 6 & 5) Also bought in France. I know this was a lot to ask about at once, not every day we have an French tool expert on the forum. By the way, it's first time I've seen anything from "Ullathorne & Cie". I do have an old large round knife from them, I'm afraid it's in to bad shape to be saved (or need to much work). There was also an Ullathorne in the UK, do you know if it's the same one or family? I love old French"sellerie" tools, I use and collect them. If you have any info about these tools Pls let me know. Thank you very much for your help and insight Madame, email sent
  15. You're welcome Steve