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  1. Hi, These are knifes for the French plough gauge Blanchard and will also fit most other French and German ploughs of Blanchard pattern. Knifes are sold separately and together with rest of the tools because they do not last as long as the rest of the tool. A new knife like that is 47 Euro @ Vergez Blanchard, but the old steel stamped "Blanchard a Paris" is much better. Here you see some different types of plough gauges, your knifes will fit the two tools from bottom right. The English type of ploughs, Dixon and other (left two from bottom). Uses a other style of knife. Your middle knife have not seen much use, lots of blade left on it. When they get to short they will not ride far enough up against the roller of the tool and have to be changed out. All yours are still usable after some cleaning up but the middle is the best. (If you clean them up do not sharpen them unless you going to use them your sel. Because the bevel should be on the left side of the blade and users like different/personal style of sharpening). I could use a spare knife or two for one of mine tools, if you decide to sell any of them. Thanks Tor
  2. I think that is an old picture of the Don Carlos knife. I have noticed they have changed design during the years, to the worse I'm afraid. It's no idea buying a cheap new round knife today. No doubt it's a real knife, I'm afraid this is what you get buying a cheap factory made knife today. Why not buying a good used US made knife or and old French Blanchard (if you find a good one). Old CS. Osborne Newark stamped rosewood and brass, you might find one from 50 to 100 usd. in fairly good shape. These are good knifes and there are still many around keeping the price down. Has to be Newark stamped or early Harrison stamped with cocobolo and brass. There is no such thing as an cheap good head or round knife, there are only lucky finds Good luck, Tor
  3. Ok, a modern type of machine (FAV also made those regular Fortuna types with arm). As I said the before, the picture/angle do not reveal much. But what's the brand?
  4. Global was the first Chinese clone by brand in Europe. It's a good Chinese brand who have been used by big European sewing machine manufacturers for part making and so on. Sold by Imca BV in Netherlands, their sewing machines are as good as any other big Chinese brands or maby better. I do not know anybody that owns their skiving machine, but I reckon it is of the same quality as the sewing machines. 1000 euro has to be a new price ? I do not know where you are based, If it's Europe you can check for similar machines. I think their own brand "Sieck" is manufactured by Hightex (Cowboy). Similar one motor bottom feed runs at 950 Euro, with constant speed bell knife and servo on feed roller (much easier machine to learn and use) twice that much. A bottom feed machine like the Global SK 111 will work fine for your task, but will need some training to master. Good luck, Tor
  5. Hi, yes and I wish there was one where I'm based too (Oslo, Norway). But I'm used to buy most of my parts/tools abroad. The shipping for a foot like that is not expensive. Just ask Dan Naegle in CR to send you a list/leaflet of every presser fot/ assesories he has for these machines. He is a very nice man to deal with. And other thing you can do is to search the Ebay for a foot like that. There are Chinese presser to be found on there sometimes and most of the times they give you free shipping all over the world. The Chinese still have some kind of trade advantage/ very cheap shipping posebilities. Most of the time I buy something from them (small things) they give me free shipping. Takes a bit longer, a couple of weeks. But your not far away from them. My guess is that the foot Darren has can't be more expensive than 50 USD, probably 30. Perhaps that's why it's difficult to get the price Send him and PM or an email. Here is some of my pressers. This roller presser is best suited for splitting operations, double skiving. That little adjustable one is very useful for firm leather short skives. Tor
  6. It's always important to have a sharp bell knife, after grinding remove any inside burr with the deburring tool. Grind outside edge and use the de burring tool inside simultaneously and stop at the same time, the there will be no burr at any side of the edge. I use the metal roller wheel for thick leather and wegtan. The stone wheel for upholstery type of leather, delicate thin leather. Move the bell knife as far to the left as possible so the edge will be at the top center of the feed wheel, the roller should be adjusted to follow the radius of the bell knife. I use paper strips to adjust it, this way I can have the exact same distance to the bell knife on both sides of the roller. Then the angel of the skive is set with the presser foot alone. My machine is an Italian Alpha SM, with a constant speed bell knife and an extra little servo motor for the feed roller. On this machine you can feed the material with the feed roller motor. When you have a machine with one motor that control both the roller and bell knife speed is important to use the method that Electrathon describes. The feed roller spring pressure is set differently for different types of leather, more pressure for firmer leather (and wegtan) than for upholstery types. Ones you have setup your machine to the so called zero position (described above) you should only need to adjust the presser foot hight for different thicknesses. If you use one millimeter clearance between the knives and feed roller or two, just measure up some paper strips at the wanted thickness. Place them between the knife and the feed roller and adjust the feed roller until you have the same drag on the paper strips all over the radius of the feed wheel (hold the paper with one hand and adjust the feed wheel with the other) I find this method very usefull, it may save you a lot of leather tests this way. Good luck, Tor
  7. Campbell Randall sell presser and roller presser for these types of skiving machines, he has many different types. They fit mostly every machine and are bought for the feed roller witdh. Some fit 50 mm roller and other 30 mm roller width...and so on, they are not very expensive. Tor
  8. Unless you have the missing parts is useless. Nice cabinet thought. You are missing key components and its looking old, it can be very difficult to find parts for it. Unless it's a Fortuna, then you can have it rebuilt by the Fortuna company. But I'm afraid you can buy a Chinese skiving machine for less than this key parts will cost you. If you have all the parts (in working order) then it's not rocket science to get it working again. What brand is it ? The picture is not the best quality. Try to find the name and model number on it. Tor
  9. It's cast iron of course, crap! If not is very bad heat threatment. Should not be that coarse grits on proper heat treated tool steel.
  10. By the way, not a very good way to attach a speed reducer; you cannot tension the machines V belt this way. Tor
  11. I use such frequency controllers (drives) all the time, sine I do not have 3 phase current in my workshop. Here (Norway) its 220v on single and 380v on 3 phase but the principals are the same. I use the drives on solutions when I need to control the speed on the motor (in addition to convert the current). On my clicking machine I rewired the motor to have it running on single Ph. I used two big 70 micro Farad capacitors not to loose any staring up torque, it is as strong now as it was before running on 3 Ph. You can loose a little torque when you use these drives and on some frequencies they tend to make bad sounds. That's no problem when you can adjust the speed, just change the speed/Hertz and the sound dissappear. On a clicking machine you have to run on maximum speed/Hertz all the time, you just have to hope it will not sound bad on that frequency. Here is an other AC motor (1,2 Kw 3 Ph) I had wired for the single Ph current. This is a air compressor motor but of similar size as the clicking machine, wired exactly the same way. Sorry for the bad picture quality, I can take new pictures if you are interested. Tor
  12. Nice find
  13. I wonder if our tool expert Bruce Johnson have seen this maker stamp before Bump
  14. You better move this add to the marketplace forum, this is a discussion forum only, thanks
  15. Impressing work Tom, you have a future as a tool maker. Looks like your machine uses a very different angle on the blade and a more stable blade support. Are you able to skive upholstery type of leather on your machine or only firm leather.