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  1. Hello Trox,

    I read that you have a Service Manual for a Pfaff 345. I recently bought an OLD Pfaff 345 VR 132 B S for about 13 Euro :-)))

    It works fine (except that the Feed Dog has no Teeth at all and is smooth as baby skin) but it is s beatuy. Since I have to clean all parts, some kind of manual would help. I already asked in Pfaff Germany (I live in Austria) and they can't support me anymore ...

    BTW: An old black Pfaff 335 VR 132 B H2 S ia also coming my way :-))

    TIA and greetings from Austria.

  2. Sorry, I now see its an old add, just curious about the brand of it, thanks
  3. Hi, is that plough gauge sold yet? Does it have that same tassel mark on the plough as on the knife. Thanks
  4. Makers Mark & Hot Foil Machine in UK

    Im currently restoring a UK made John Marshall hotfoil press, changing wires and making a table with guides for leather etc. I' looking for a cheap supplier of heat conducting double sided tape.. for taping brass and magnesium stamps to machine head. Regarding the above post, I don' find it difficult to find suppliers of stamps, but I have trouble producing the required data files they want for the disign. I got some tips about software used to design, but I find this very difficult to do....I have a enough projects...I do not want to spend months learning to use crappy computer programs...tried them on Android ( the platform I use for now) and they are very difficult to use and draw on....Every stamp manufactory just want to cnc or or cast from computer vectors.....No wonder the Stamps are cheap. I would like to draw up on a piece of paper what I want and have a company to smoohing up/editing and make my finished stamp. I have aways used computers since the 1980, but the programs the stamp manufacturers recommnd on android ist a pain in the ......Simplector Pro.. It goes like every other modern program, (the new trend) they want to slim program down but all they do in the process is removing possibilities......make it more difficult crappy mobile websites.....I never though this long lasting hotfoil press project of mine would be stalled by a program...
  5. 27 £ at college sewing machine Not expensive made by Japanese Hirose...they make good parts
  6. Hi, Yes s Uwe yours have just groves that makes it harder to get tight tension on thin threads. His is worn right true and would cause problems, I would have changed that bobbin house for a new one...You can get them aftermarket for a good price.. You could try to widen/make the hole round again with a small diamond round file or simmilar..But remember it has to be polished afterwards...Use a white ceramic thin stone....
  7. Yes these are important factors, you will get a more consistent top tension threading true several holes. You probably got to ease of on the thread brake, thought. When you the thread knot laying on the top and it suddenly happens in the middle of the seam, those are factors I would have looked out for. Could be caused by uneven bobbin winding or bobbin case opener too, but then perhaps more frequently and probrably with the knot on the bottom. However, everything must be correct...check all thread paths for chips in the metal etc. Good luck!
  8. When something like this happens it' often because the top thread suddenly get a brake or bottom bobbin is uneven winded. To make the top thread tension stabil you need to make sure of the following factors.... On the thread rack...(use left twisted thread, it usual left twisted) the thread guide on top of the spool must be placed exactly over the center of the thread spool/cone... If it off center you will have uneven top thread tension. Make sure you thread it true at least two holes in the top pin post can even apply more tension by use several holes....this way you will have a stabil top tension....Bobbins must also be evenly winded... good luck!
  9. How are you Macca, I now know I this is a Pfaffrath plough and a Otto Langenhan knife. I traded it with a friend in USA that have the rest of the Langenhan plough. Tor
  10. Speed Reducer Pulley In The Uk

    The torque of the motor is constant because it has that characteristics and it runs on full speed all the time, but when you put a smaller pulley on it it will be weaker on the output; it will do more work. Changing from a big 120 to a small 48 mm pulley will give you less speed, this is just like riding a bike and change gears. To improve both torque and low speed control, use a speed reducer. If you have a 3 Ph clutch motor, use frequency controller. It will solve the problem, that if your clutch motor have enough power to start with. Minimum 550 - 600 watt and a good clutch (upholstery class). There are many ways to control a good clutch motor, but putting your right hand on the pulley to help slow it down. Taking of your shoes to get a better feel on the pedal etc. But do you have an ancient weak clutch motor to start with, change it out with something new; preferable a servo of good quality.
  11. Sorry to see you are leaving the trade, Send an PM to Johanna about the emails.
  12. Bridle bubbles

    You got to let Sedgwicks look at this leather Arild, and post the result here please. Tor
  13. Bridle bubbles

    Seems that others have had the same problem with Sedgwick bridle Arild, have you seen this. Tor
  14. It seems that others have had the same problem with Sedgwick bridle Arild, have y ou seen this. Tor