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  1. Boy and his Pet

    Thanks, Not what I intended to achieve in calming down rest of the piece.
  2. Boy and his Pet

    Well there are a few things that went South. The stone fence-did not intend to be that colorful. Had to paint over shirt with white. Light blue was to sharp. Still working on it.
  3. Is Google is killing art?

    I am caught !! I did not inherit the skills My Mom had. I do copy and paste a lot of images off Google. Two or three at a time to create a theme. Some times I printout two different scenes, trace each one and combine them into one scene. Like now I am doing a boy fishing off a doc into a pond. That's one image taken from a picture. Cropped lily pads and enlarged from same picture and traced . Combined on a 4 inch round and added my style of trees. So I am am a copiest and not an artist. So without Google images I would not have the relaxing effect of working with leather or satisfy the creative urge . I do not sell these but have given out to people that go beyond there responsibilities. I am not a leather craftsman cause I make a mess of holsters. sheathes and belts..etc.. Than again I am not an artist. I just have fun. Joe S.
  4. Yes. Better than I thought. I am right handed and its in my left rear pocket grip facing rearward . It's not a clumsy draw. Am thinking about adding a safety strap do belive it should need one.
  5. Thank you again. Fumy how things are that way. I have a Tanker holster for a S&W 1950 j frame police spl. Rides real good.
  6. Dwight--- oh there is mistakes, a lot!!! Thank you . Garypl--- Thank you. 4-5oz tandy so some may be 6 oz. As far as sitting down, no problem when driving. I worked a heavy duty truck parts counter standing up fo 45 years so I am not a "sitter'
  7. I had built a belt holster for a 38 revolver . Looks good but does not ride right and prints badly. Decided on a rear pocket style . Ha d a design in mind but what I ended up with was different. It does fit the rear pockets of my pants and does not print so functionally it works. cosmetically, well it works for me. Not problem with it when setting.
  8. Mail Call

    Kind of mess this one up. Got carried away on the dog.
  9. Lazy days aand Nothing to do.

    Thank you kiwican. It seems like I found my style. Started a case for a Muli-tool. Have done 3 before and they turned out Nice. This one I am doing is Ragged. I will stay the portraits . Bikermutto7- I found that I have done another one with the same clothes the boy is wearing but the dogs color was mirrored..
  10. Lazy days aand Nothing to do.

    Thats it. Got to try. Changed it to brown. Looks better.
  11. Lazy days aand Nothing to do.

    Just a boy and his dog. Had to add a blue eye ball and base white paint on dog. bad ideas.
  12. My Style.

    Thank you all. I have a house full of these and baseballs. I also take the ice cream sticks and make miniature easels. When I have enough done , they will be displayed at the Library here again. 3rd request from them. Joe
  13. My Style.

    I guess I started out somewhat like everyone else. Book markers Key fobs than on to belts card holders than wallets and maybe holsters and sheaths and baseballs. Big idea to sell them to restock. Ended up with boxes of finished stuff. Right products -workmanship- interest who knows why !! That's when I figured out that I like tooling for the sake of just doing it. That's how I involved to my personal style of leather work. That's what it is all about anyway.
  14. Themed Address cover

    Kiwican,Fire88,Bikermott07,Battlemunky--- Thank you . Joe
  15. Themed Address cover

    Thank you Alpha2 and MakerUnKnown.