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  1. Life is a Beach

    I need to change up on leather work.That's how I resolve sloppiness when it starts showing. So I have 3to 4 Multi-tool cases to do.
  2. Life is a Beach

    Finished this one up. This may be the last for a while. Have 3 multi-tool cases to do.
  3. Going to the Cold country.

    Had a problem getting the right color for the sand and water. a little orange on arm. It goes that way sometimes.
  4. Surfers

    Well if the photo turns out bad so goes the subject. It does look better in hand. Had a problem with the beach and water from the original, A bit of orange out of place. This is heading North---- Way North.
  5. Going to the Cold country.

    Well, there is a few mistakes in tooling. That's just me. Ivory is my go to base paint for beaches. I tied and with a little more practice, make wave patterns with a spoon. I for got the arm in the background boy. so I improvised. So I do as good as I can and sometimes it works out. need to touch up the hair. Looks like helmets.
  6. Going to the Cold country.

    Sorry about a little confusion. This is the picture I will trace from, which I all ready done Joe S. Sorry about a little confusion. This is the picture I will trace from, which I all ready done Joe S.
  7. Going to the Cold country.

    They say Michigan gets a little cold up there. So I figure it would be nice to work a version on leather and send it up. 4 inch x 6inch. It does get cold in Lutz and still there is a bunch of people that wave surf around here.
  8. The Sailor

    Thank You. The pockets around here seems to be tight around here. The kids will have to deal with them later. The retangulars give me a lot of satification in doing them. The baseballs also because of the challenge in getting the pads right. Again thank you . Joe.
  9. Doc's Visit.

    Thank you all. Thinking about it now-should have dated nurses.
  10. Library Display

    Thank You . It's all in the tracing-rest is hit and miss. You do produce some quality work yourself
  11. Library Display

  12. Library Display

    This is the third time I displayed at our local Library Not quite the professional style of showing but good enough for me.
  13. The Sailor

    Here you go
  14. Doc's Visit.

    Oh I remember as well.
  15. The Sailor

    This is on a 4 in x 6 in leather. This is what I have done so far. I have done quite a few ldifferent ones like this. Enough to fill a 4=3ft x 6 ft 4 shelf display that is mow showing at our Local Library. Those and 15 dollars will buy my kids a cup of coffee when they inherit them.