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  1. Valentines day

    It is that day
  2. New work

    Well it's done.
  3. New work

    Thank you all for your kindness. I did a little more painting and change some things. The light shining through the window to the ground is a first I have a picture of a ghosted boat and fisherman in a pond that I wanted to do. Now I think I can.
  4. New work

    Just started this. Little sloppy but thats the way it is anymore. The lettering will be fun to do.
  5. When I open up this site, I get 2 different displays of topics listing. One is a new style and the next day the old style. So what is happing. I don't' like the new style but that's just me. Hate changes.
  6. sizing tooling patterns

    Thank You VYO. That broke the learning block I had of Inkscape.
  7. sizing tooling patterns

    I use Print Master. There is a free version. It has grid marks on the sides and can set blue guide lines that you can import an image into and size it. Also has preprogrammed shapes that you can resize. Texting can be done in a text box or Highline feature that is sizeable.
  8. That time of Year

    These 4 rounds were made for my Daughter. I also started another themed rectangular 4inch x6 inch. I used the "Cut-Out" program to merge, scale and move the boy and dog on a base picture. Wish that my tracing was better,but that Age Thing keeps creeping in.
  9. For my Gastro.

    This is the second one I have done. First went to my Primary Dr's office. This one is going to my Gastro. Office. He is Old School and no bedside manners. My sister says it reminds her of our childhood Dr. Never left that office without a shot. I did finish the hair and shoes.
  10. Two Boys Fishng

    Thank You Kiwican, They are scenes that feel natural doing.
  11. Two Boys Fishng

    I took the two boys out of one picture and added them to the background picture. Had to size and move them around to fit. The program i use was Cut-Out than Photshop to blend I need to.
  12. Fishing on the Rocks

    Special effects. Used it for duplicating Alligator hide and Dried out mud.
  13. Fishing on the Rocks

    Thank You, I use a V404 to do the borders. By the way, you also do awesome work also.
  14. Fishing on the Rocks

    I took 2 pictures and added to one. Well,I cut the fisherman out of one picture and pasted to the rock scene. Anyway this is what I ended up with.
  15. Boy on dock

    Thank You. I use a free program 'Cut-Out' that you can crop an image from one picture then add add.size and move to another. That is on a 4 inch round. Thanks for the Basketweave. Used diagonal center. Than a staggered stamp process.