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  1. That Time of Year

    Snow to the North is Like rain to the South-Lutz Fla_, Clear clean feeling. Kid s play in the rain and kids play in the snow. The best of life. Reasons for the themes I do.
  2. Small Beach Bunny and Kid "Scoot"

    This is on a 4 inch round. The border took a beating. In hand it's not as harsh looking The Kid on the Scoot is on a 4 x6 inch leather. Blending in the different parts of the scene is next to develop.
  3. Whats it all about for me.

    Thank Yo Billybopp
  4. Whats it all about for me.

    Thank You ByNelson.
  5. Well this is the second time I was asked to display at our local Library. The biggest hit is the carved paintings on the easels. I guess that's the direction I am headed . Do love doing them.. Glad to get rid of the gitters from hoping the customer likes what he ordered.
  6. Boy Fishing

    Another rounder for Library display coming up. Just need to do the fish and cane pole.
  7. Bass in submerged limbs

  8. Bass in submerged limbs

    This is the last of fish for awhile. On to a different theme.
  9. Bass Trolling.

    Leaving it like it is. I have enough of these to do a "one Man Showing" BYOB style
  10. For Gimpy

    Well I have to put the rounds aside for a while. Been cutting down dead oak trees and the branches has taken a tool on my arms .I was emailed a instructions on doing arm bands at the same time,so I am going to make a couple . I like to thank all that viewed my pictures. Thank you. Joe Stewart
  11. For Gimpy

    I polish it a lot. That's wrong . Thank you. Have to see google has silhouettes of animal sprits.
  12. For Gimpy

    Thank you. Just a silhouette off google.
  13. For Gimpy

    I used a mulefoot. Used a wing divider to size the width and length that set the spacing. Right on. First stike sets the angle of rest.
  14. Copper Head Bluegill.

    Doing one part a day. Put on miniature easel and to display when finished.
  15. For Gimpy

    Thank you all, I guess Coaster is the wrong term to use. I display these on miniature easels. For one reason or another, Leather products are a hard sell around here. The 4 inch rounds provide an inexpensive way to try different themes and I became additive to them. 4 x6 inch cutouts also make good displays also.