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  1. DJole, left the background like it is. Painted the other wing. The cattail,was unintentional. Than again it does add something. In nature there is variations in color on them.
  2. Well taking a picture of what yu are doing shows what needs to be fixed.I am leaving the background as is. touching up the beveling and paint than I will seal. A das of red is needed on the other wing.
  3. Still working with rounds. If I ever get an order for a wallet ... ect, I will have open themes to work with. Maybe
  4. Progress seems to be slow. Coloring and feathers. The right tools will make a difference and the coloring - trying to exactly match may not be the best way cause this was way off.
  5. Thank 07, was going to paint fading trees but as age goes so does mind. It's the perspective. A shore line ? At that point it was a matter of if I could pull it off or not mess the rest up. kind of going to address that in the next one.
  6. Still trying to get the water right. Bought the Pictorial book, but still need right tools.
  7. V, Thanks. What We did with Christmas cards was to put book markers in side them. The ones that slip over the corner. What responses we had . I took a different style than my Mentor. Which he is happy with. So all is good !!
  8. Thank you for the kind comments.
  9. I have been changing the style of my tooling. This is what is developing and tooling and painting are still a hit and miss thing. As this became more of a hobby , I still can do wallets and such, I get more satisfaction out of doing them
  10. Billbopp--- It did fine.
  11. Thanks, Thought of that. Did use a 2 bladed xacto lt to make fine lines. Mule foot may brake it up and will try.
  12. This is the start of a theme style I would like to recreate in other items. Painting a mist/fog will be a challenge.
  13. Thanks . been to long from the last one baseball I done. Have to learn over again. Seems everyone likes them and that's as far as it goes. Yeap Scarry.
  14. Thank You TonyRV2. Some I sold were too other leather craftsmen and then some to fellow workers that gave them away to their best customers. The Farmers markets did not work out. It was a trip to learn how to do them. Old baseballs changes the shape of the pads. So the two pads were different circumferences. New ones should be the same. Anyway it was all good and still is.