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  1. Thank you all, I guess Coaster is the wrong term to use. I display these on miniature easels. For one reason or another, Leather products are a hard sell around here. The 4 inch rounds provide an inexpensive way to try different themes and I became additive to them. 4 x6 inch cutouts also make good displays also.
  2. We accrued a Peacock, India Blue,. He was with a group of 12 that are now free range. Somehow his leg/ toes were injured and stayed when the others left. So it inspired me to do a coaster of him.
  3. Well kinda figured out. Sealed it and repainted. I think that layering the colors instead of mixing to match will work.
  4. This may be off the wall, I like to match what I have traced from. Not that I can come up with my own interpretation . Just seems to help learning. Problem is that I chase colors. Any Help ?
  5. Three mistakes with this one. Maybe moreThere is a bit of yellow. You might say it's a Ghost Snook.
  6. Thanks for your all's comments
  7. Bass and Speck fishing Is popular here in Central Fl. Just ask my Brother in Law. He keeps Logs of his catches. I just tool the ones I do not.
  8. Thank you all., Should have made the lip at the hinge a little more wider and narrower at the center.
  9. The little fish is the wrong color, will change. Order some underwater painting books in. I thought about using treble hooks to make a stand, Have to work that out. This would have made a great wallet theme unpainted and just stained. Anyway enjoy
  10. Needed to change up. Than I liked the original when I seen it. The real challenge is making easels for all that I done.
  11. Still chasing colors. After a while I will have enough for Art Gallery. I am making stands out of tree branches.
  12. Thank you all. There is a lot of kid activities going on everyday there and who knows. I am past the selling part. I get more enjoyment of picking ou themes and doing them. Next time I am going to order squares and make tri-pods for them 4 inxh xx 4 inch. They are good dust collectors so if I find a compulsive cleaner that likes them well there maybe a sale.
  13. That's the way I see it. Not all crafts work in a certain area.
  14. Well , My Leather Art is now on display at the Lutz Library. May not be a Craft Fair But It's something They order some leather related books to add when they come in. Now for a Smock- Beanie hat and a Goat -T Or a Smoking Jacket.
  15. DJole, left the background like it is. Painted the other wing. The cattail,was unintentional. Than again it does add something. In nature there is variations in color on them.