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  1. 2 Rawhide Hondas

    I start the 4 strand in the middle then bring it around so that the "high" strings (the next one to be braided) are on the inside. In order to get this, I braid a little extra then undo some to sort it out. I start braiding from there in order from inside to outside. There is great drawing of how to start the 8 string braid in Bruce Grant's Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding. Plate 47. Eight-String Square Braid Without Core. I have better luck starting it in my hands, then I put a dowel through it to tighten and finish off the braid U2, O2. Thanks for the compliment.
  2. I'm making my own knife sheaths and was wondering about the best type of leather and where to get it? Thanks in advance for the responces.
  3. Problems Tempering Rawhide

    I really appreciate all the advise. I've been struggling with the whole tempering thing for a while. I played with some string this week and I've had some success! Now I have quite a bit cut up and I'm ready to start some new projects.
  4. 2 Rawhide Hondas

    I have not ever tried wire, but I do wrap some rawhide under the burner. It feels good and it makes it look a lot nicer too.
  5. Problems Tempering Rawhide

    Awsome! Great ideas... It sure is a long learning process. Thank you all.
  6. Problems Tempering Rawhide

    When I place my rawhide in a bag to temper (after it is cut into strips), it seems like most of it is nice but some times there are soggy places (where it is touching itself?). These places never seem to catch up with the rest while I'm cutting strings and splitting... Is there a way to avoid this or "fix" it without "starting over"...HELP!
  7. 2 Rawhide Hondas

    Thanks for the input. I also like a pretty heavy one because the wind is always blowing out here, it gives a little weight to a rope.
  8. 2 Rawhide Hondas

    Here are two of my hondas: This one is pretty light and fast. It came off an 8mm poly. It has been pretty well used. This one is a little heavier. I haven't used it yet.
  9. Kangaroo Bosal

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! I have not done much of anything yet... I've been trying to work on making some rawhide and I've put together some hondas out of that. The core in this one is twisted rawhide. I have an old reata that I'd like to cut up and use for a core next. The mare is actually my son's horse. She is registered as a brown but in the summer she is black as night... 24 and still sassy. Thanks again.
  10. Kangaroo Bosal

    This is my first go at a bosal...not perfect, but its a start... My old mare was happy to model...
  11. Latigo Recipe

    Thanks for the tip. I don't have that book, only his encyclopedia. I'll do some experimenting.
  12. Latigo Recipe

    Some one told me a long time ago about a treatment for latigo that was to be used for saddle strings or braiding. It was using white gasoline and wax. I cannot remember the recipe, but I have used latigo after this treatment and it is amazing even after years of use. Has anyone done this before?