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  1. New old stock veggie tan belts. Get busy, just in time for Christmas! Qty 25 - 1.5” x 36” with snaps and buckle slots – all but 1 are round tipped – approx. 8oz. Qty 8 - 1.00” x 36” with snaps and buckle slots, round tipped – approx. 8oz. Qty 3 - 1.00” x 50” with snaps and buckle slots, round tipped – approx. 8oz. So, a total of 36 belts for $250 including priority mail shipping If you buy all for the stated price, I will throw in a bunch of 1” and 1.5” belt keepers and buckles too. Thanks for looking. Update: Free proprity mail is for US only. international is negotiable. Thanks.
  2. I contacted this guy and he has some with reverse and servo's. In fact you can see the center one has a servo. The one with reverse will cost a bit more but See if you can make a deal.
  3. Welcome to the site. You can find some free purse patterns here on this site. Do a search or look thru the various subforumns I have also seen some by doing a Google search.
  4. Welcome. You will see and learn amazing things here.
  5. Most that I have seen are 3/4" but you can measure with calipers or even maybe a ruler
  6. It must mean something... LOL
  7. Lol, I am afraid I have the same affliction ....
  8. Welcome, you will see and learn amazing things on this website
  9. Nice job and nice save.
  10. Thank you for the info Ewe and patcher. I have actually bought the bobbins from sharp sewing based on their description on eBay ( not part no.) They seem to work ok but I actually want to buy some pre wound bobbins and thread exchange indicates G for my machine. I measured the ones I have and they seems to be L so I want to be sure I get the right pre wound bobbins. The measurements I am referring to is from the thread exchange guide : http://thethreadexchange.com/downloads/the-thread-exchange_bobbin-style-guide.pdf . The bobbins I got from sharp measure .359 in height when I measured with micrometer which makes them L according to chart. The diameter of L and G are similar but the height is different slight. I will probably call thread exchange but was hoping to have a definitive confirmation of proper size.
  11. Hi, can anyone confirm what size bobbin the Chandler 67 GK373 takes? Various resources say type G (liek thread exchange) but when I bought some off ebay that claim to be for th Adler, they measure more like type L. I know many of you have/had this machine so any confirmation would be appreicated.
  12. I am making a variation of this, they go for over 200 so I thought I would give it a go. The 10" was the smallest big pulley they had at the hardware store so I am going with it. I already have a few smaller Pullies. The advantage to this type is that the machine will still tilt back and it bolts into the existing holes. Hopefully it will work.... http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDgwWDY0MA==/z/X6UAAOxy7RBRYjjI/$T2eC16h,!yEE9s5jHPtcBRYjjIFHr!~~60_35.JPG Some tips found here: http://makezine.com/2014/01/30/bandsaw-speed-changer-reducer/