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  1. Carving graphics on leather

    First and foremost after you learn about casing the leather you need to decide how you want it to look. You have to determine what is going to be the foreground part and what will be background, and start there. You separate the 2 with either color, like the Ashley notebook, or with some sort of background stamp like the pic from Djole or with beveling on outside edge of design.
  2. Tippmann Embosser

    No idea, I would think admin or maybe forum moderator could do it, but I'm sure they have better things to do than sort through outdated posts. Always best to chech the original post date when replying to something.
    •  Hi I think you are right. How is that doun? Bob Hartson. ( LGW )
  3. Tippmann Embosser

    This for sale post is over 7 years old....... Maybe it should be deleted, just a thought.....
  4. 22 magnum? Thats a lot of tiny shell loops!!!! Those must have taken forever, LOL
  5. Guitar Strap

    I have to admit that I love your style, and it transfers to leather work in an amazing way!
  6. Nerf Gun Holster

    Very cool. How is it attached? Is it attached to large belt or corset? Have any other pics showing more?
  7. 1st try at stock cuff

    With the exception of the metal gromets, that looks like it came straight out of the past and would be in a museum! Reminds me of cave paintings back home. Very nice work, great style in my opinion.
  8. Clever but easy

    Very cool! One question, how do you go about sewing zipper in to a curve? Ive been looking for a video or something for awhile and no luck.
  9. That would be hilarious to see!! Was he riding a Segway too??
  10. My first padfolio

    Very cool, really like that color!
  11. First wallet

    Good looking wallet!!
  12. Pair of Good Luck Work Boots

    Those look great!!!! A tutorial would be awesome!!!!
  13. How about a some of these and and grind to a point?
  14. What are these?

    Oh, what the hell..(slaps hand to head) .LMAO That's exactly what they are... Talk about a brain fart, I even saw Grey ghost graphics site when searching and dismissed it because I thought it was a graphic design site.. Thanks bikermutt