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  1. misc work

    April? Great! I'm quitting....Been at it 3 years and can't touch that level. Some folks have the knack I reckon! Looks really good! I hope you are enjoying it as much as your works look like you do. Welcome to the forum. It's a pretty good place to be and if you aren't super chatty, it is still a hellacious reference.
  2. Yeah man, I really like the airbrush the more I use it. I do miss the penetration but the evenness can't be argued and is a really fair trade imo. It is a pain to clean all the time. Maybe if I was more efficient with going out to dye things in batches of like color it'd be different but I'm usually doing odd things or experimenting and end up with vastly different colors which require cleaning in between, not to mention the final cleaning. It cleans easy enough, just a lot of small parts and time running the alcohol through it all, etc.
  3. Thanks for the help

    Maybe 3 years now?
  4. I think it's beautiful and your getting the ratio on the pancaking looks about where you want it. The only think I see is that the belt loops look a bit small, but I'm sure you measured it so I don't mean to be insulting by asking.
  5. Best Leather weight to get?

    I think that leather would easily hold 9 lbs. It is all on your stitching at that point. Use a big enough thread that won't tear through the leather and has a good tensile strength (most .8~1.0 mm nylon bonded thread should be at or around 50 lbs tensile strength). I'd also think about buffalo. It's strong as hell and soft too. A relatively thick piece (8-10 oz) is quite supple and it'd likely last far after the kids are grown.
  6. Thanks for the help

    You mean that is kinda makes the skin in the window puff out some, right? I think both look rather good but can totally see there being an application for each.
  7. Thanks for the help

    Ha! I used that same image for making a sheath once. It looks like my dad. Please show us yours when it's done!
  8. Matching set for wedding

    Really good looking and high quality items. Again! Classy as well.
  9. My son's first wallet

    Hope he likes it, cuz he's likely to have it most of his life! Turned out really well, he should be proud of his work.
  10. Sheath for a... uh.. uhm... Bread knife

    At least you can't eat leather very easily. I love fresh bread. Makes me miss my mom!
  11. Orders to ship

    Great work yet again @Mattsbagger!
  12. Dry leather glue issue

    Gotcha. My can is about half gone so I will give it a shot and race the greasy glory which is Vaseline!
  13. Dry leather glue issue

    Won't vaseline degrade some metals?
  14. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    Man, that is really well done and yes, lifelike. I love this!
  15. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    Welcome to the bully bench and thank you for pulling up a seat. I've almost bitten my tongue in half not offering up simple and effective advice to this guy lately. Every single one of his issues are correctable but when you are getting called a douchebag and a bully and being accused of trying to make people spend money on things they don't need (scrap? really?) when all you are trying to do is make one of those people who refuse responsibility for their own ineptitude try to grasp some rather simple concepts that will answer questions that they asked......I'm weary. I'm just sitting back and shaking my head and hoping like hell people see through the "get rich quick in leatherworking by hiding shit quality under some shit quality webbing" and pass his goods by. I know that is wrongview on my part, but consumers deserve better than crap. It is why I try and improve with every single stitch and a big part of why I've decided to be a leathercrafter and this person's behavior slaps in the face of everything most of us do. /endrant edit: So now I feel the need to apologize (just a little). I'm imposing my morality on this situation more than I meant to. If someone is interested in doing the least possible amount of work at the lowest acceptable quality level for them, who am I to judge? I can only try my best to improve to a level I'm cool with. Other's levels are different and I get that. I can, however, use my wisdom to stay out of toxic forum discussions when I've already been in it and see where it's going. So, I'm out of this one. Can't say I'm not going to read and roll my eyes and hope that the trail of breadcrumbs is followed to something complete and correct, but I'm out.