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  1. First watch band!

    Sorry you have to do some rework but even that part I'm appreciating following. This is an even more excellent thread!
  2. First watch band!

    If this is as awesome as your usual fare, I can't wait!
  3. Luggage tags

    Those look really nice, I may borrow some of your design and make some for the guys at the office being as we all travel a decent amount.
  4. Shield 9 pancake

    For a first attempt it came out great. The wet forming is really good.
  5. @OLDNSLOW I do indeed have an airbrush setup, the exact Harbor Freight 20% off coupon struck me about 6 months ago ;-) @midwestislander I think I may try that on future thin leather wallets since this was the beginning of the end for this wallet. If the inside dye wouldn't have been so copious I wouldn't have tried to fix it. Thanks to everybody for the advise!
  6. Single-stick guard

    Clean and neat! That leather is beautiful.
  7. Two Ruger Single Six Holsters

    Another great looking job!
  8. I buffed and I buffed and I blew my arms out! J/k, sorry for a really bad 3 little pigs pun. I did buff the ever living hell out of it. I think I screwed up/made way more work than I wanted to from sealing it. So in a desperate attempt to salvage it I tossed it in some warm water. So far it looks ok having pulled it out but I'm going to give it a good 24 hrs to dry and see. If not, it isn't a huge loss since I can still finish it and gift it to someone else who won't be expecting a mahogany wallet and get a metallic green one instead. And I still have plenty of leather to start from scratch and make a fresh one for the original mahogany wallet customer.
  9. Thanks all. Great ideas @mikesc. I think I'm going to remake it so I can get the wallet to the customer and just not over dye it. Then, I'm going to try all the stuff you mentioned except the prismatic paint just because I'm a cheap ass I may soak it in water too and try and leach out some of the dye. *shrugs*
  10. Edge Beveler Sharpening

    Some appropriate sized string with rouge on it? I guess one could cut some leather strips from scrap as well making appropriate sized strops?
  11. The middle pic is after I messed with it a little and tried to rub some beeswax/NFO into it some more. It cleaned up a little. It should be noted too that at this point, there is a buttload of dye on/in this leather. I'm going to let it dry for a few days and see if that helps too....ideas are still welcomed.
  12. I tried to search for this but only found one thing that wasn't really related. I was almost complete on making a simple wallet and dyed it red on the inside where the money and cards go and mahogany on the outside and then sealed it with beeswax/NFO. I noticed that I could see some of the red had bled through to the exterior giving the mahogany a pinkish hue. I then dyed the exterior mahogany again and it has dried with that metallic green tinge to it. Does anyone know why and what causes this to avoid it for the future and also if the piece can be salvaged now? I dyed the inside mahogany too. If I could get rid of the green it'd probably be fine but rubbing/buffing it only seems to polish the green! Ha! Anyone seen this before and know why and what to do about it? Thanks!
  13. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    Yeah man, it looks really good. I have Fiebing's Pro dark brown and it is almost black sometimes it's so dark.
  14. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    @Rohn, what color is that? Medium brown? It looks great and so does the sheath.