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  1. Championship Belts

    Between your work and the other championship belt guy on here, I had no idea there was even a market for these. Your work looks really nice Jeff, I hope you didn't think I was baggin' on you.
  2. I use the best respirator from Lowes with the best (smallest particulate) filters. Smells don't get through it so I figured the other parts don't either. Hopefully. Plus I'm out in my shed with a fan in each window, one pulling in fresh and the other blowing out not fresh. Please share what you find. Not killing yourself slowly with chemicals is always interesting. Great point Mutt. You do use VERY little when you airbrush.
  3. Championship Belts mean to tell me there is more than one champion in wrestling!?!?! Next thing, Santa is fake, huh?
  4. Fender bib

    I think it looks great man, and the lacing is really a good addition on a bike methinks. After getting it out in the sun for a bit too will age that leather up well too.
  5. Wallet with Carving

    I like the eagle too. I like the whole thing in fact.
  6. Tri-Leg Stool Seat

    That looks great!
  7. Yep, that's what I use. A lot more options and none of that plasticy feeling stuff.

    Really nice work. I like everything about it.
  9. Ebook Cover - Laser cut, dyed with vinegaroon

    Nice control on the vinegroon. I want to know about the blue also.
  10. Acoustic Guitar Jackets

    Yep. I'm impressed. Zeppelin is my favorite band for that era. Just meeting him would be cool let alone presenting him with something I made and having him not laugh. Super cool @meanfidler!
  11. Outstanding work! I hope I can over do something someday!
  12. Skive Knife Review

    I have one of those Japanese/Chinese skiving knives and am quite pleased with ti as well. Same comments as OP for the most part, edge was a bit rough but after some stropping on some green rouge it is light saber sharp.
  13. Butterfly belt

    I have a belt blank I've been avoiding out of sheer intimidation. Your belt looks great! The use of color and carving and lines.... Congrats on the killer job!
  14. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Those all look really cool. On the hair-on, does hair get everywhere or is it kinda like fleece where if you cut it carefully from the hair side you don't make a huge mess. Guess you are sorta at the mercy of the press on that though. Anyway, cool totes. Or is that totes cool?