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  1. Another damn fine execution.
  2. Hey, I know you! Sheath looks completely badass on this forum too!
  3. Pretty cool work!
  4. I have heard that if you want to water proof/resist, stay away from water based products. After you dye it, I'd buff the living hell out of it to ensure excess dye is off and then put some non-water based finish on it. Sno-seal works pretty well at water repellency, you can also make your own with bee's wax and neatsfoot oil. I don't think there is a single one time treatment though, everything will need retreating after time. That time may be years, but it'll need it at some point. Please let us know what you opt for. I'd like to know myself.
  5. Slick! ,<--- I have yet to hook up any type of burnisher to a motor but everytime I get to burnishing, I really want to....I need to add it to my list of crap I did to make leather working easier.
  6. What a good sentiment. Please accept my condolences.
  7. Uhm....I have missed a lot of signals and nuances along the way. I've been tinkering with leather for 3 years now and my best looks like the dog chewed it up in comparison to yours. You have skills.
  8. Yeah, pretty cool. I think it is a great start, now you have to find a way to sharpen it. I think it is quite awesome, don't get me wrong, but the slanty side looks a bit muddy. I hate to mention it up because I have zero ideas on how to help fix it.
  9. To think you are handstitching that is crazy, laser holes or not. Your work is incredibly clean man. Beautiful stuff.
  10. Super cool reuse!
  11. Looks really nice and your edges are sweet.
  12. I haven't made a holster yet so I can't judge too effectively aside from it looking damn cool. You nailed the tri-weave stamping it looks like.
  13. Really novel stuff you got there Dan ( @Subterra ), thanks for sharing it! The roses, sculptures, armquards....all of it, really, is very cool.
  14. Unique idea Sir!
  15. These are excellent! I hope you sell a million of them.