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  1. Drinkin' backpack

    Pretty cool despite the difficulty!
  2. Best sewing awl haft

    You could try a C.S. Osbourne or a Vergez Blanchard. I have the CSO and its working but there have been a few times I was afraid it was going to bend which is to say that it needs some work to get it smooth and passing through leather easily. I don't have a VB due to price. I haven't yet ascended high enough on the skill tree to justify the cost of VB stuff yet but I can only imagine they are the best.
  3. From Spain with love

    Welcome! Google translate did a pretty good job on making your site readable for me. Looks good and you have nice work!
  4. Rock and Roll Guitar Strap

    Another ridiculously interesting piece Gray. I love your work man, truly.
  5. Axe Frog

    Agreed, simple and clean. Keep practicing and keeping your work clean and it'll propagate through into more difficult work.
  6. chinks

    Great work!
  7. Dogs Playing Poker

    I appreciate your work very much Sir! The dog holding the card under the table is clever
  8. Once again man, super clean work. Beautiful and well done.
  9. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    The force is strong with that piece. Brilliant idea for whoever came up with implementing all the pieces into the Mayan calendar style. Pretty good idea burning it onto leather too!
  10. boots

    Very nice work! I want to make my own shoes someday.
  11. Croc Print Journal

    Yeah, its gotta be soft for some other reason then. Someone will no doubt come across this post and have an answer.
  12. Croc Print Journal

    Looks great man! I think those milled croc prints are a softer temper due to the milling. I could be wrong.
  13. I had no idea the rarity of the stuff but now I can certainly understand the nerves. I'd have ham-fisted that reindeer leather into mush; if a little tension on the thread works, a lot of tension has got to work better right? :/ Those look beautiful and congrats on being able to handle unobtainium not only without damage but with beauty as well.
  14. new to posting

    Welcome! Tons of friendly advice here and the encyclopedic value on here is incredible.