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  1. Looks good!
  2. Welcome!
  3. That is really nice work!
  4. Sweet looking holsters gentlemen!
  5. Welcome. I original come from Eustis but live in Huntsville, AL for the time being.
  6. Looks good man.
  7. Think it looks really good.
  8. Damn Sanch...all that leather and knives too? Need another son? I'm a little older than 12 but I can mow!
  9. @Stetson912 and @Clintock, thank you very much!
  10. Looks great! I just made my first holster and knowing the challenge I had makes me appreciate some clean work even more.
  11. Looks good to me!
  12. I'll second this! It sucks that we need a military and folks that have bled to fertilize our liberties but damn glad we do! Semper Fi!
  13. I used 7-9 oz shoulder with a 2-3 oz liner. The inside is mahogany (I love this color) and black on the outside. I used black lacing cord to stitch it all together. Observations, I need a belt loop slot punch bad, that is the sorriest part of the piece and I feel bad for it. I punched holes on each corner and then joined them with a utility knife. It worked but it is less than pretty. The retention is pretty good and you can only really shake it out if you are slinging on it pretty hard. The belt loop could have been a mm or 2 wider. I read that you want it snug so there isn't much if any play on the belt when you go to pull the gun out and I think I miscalculated for the thickness of the leather when I made the loop. It will probably loosen up some with use. On the wet forming, I had a hell of a time getting the ejection port and trigger wells to imprint. And when I did I had some additional tool marks that I didn't want or intend to remain. I have more tool marks around the edge and the loop too. I figure it gives it a bit of character and handmadeness even if it is amateur grade, which it is. Thanks to @JLSleather for the how to make a holster guide.
  14. I made a holster for a friend of mine. It was a lot of work and I learned quite a bit. There are a billion things I can see wrong with it, y'all know what I mean, but overall I think it came out pretty good.