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  1. Alligator Field Notes Cover

    I never would've thought to pretty up a field notes cover like that but it works. Looks well done too.
  2. Special Forces holster

    My main criticism is that it looks super 2D when airbrushing can make a sheet of paper burst out into all sorts of interesting 3D ways when done proper. This will work for a Halloween mask for wearing to work, but if I were going to try and do some other stuff and charge people money for it, I need to get a WHOLE lot better at it. And from my estimation, getting the airbrushing down looks way easier than trying to resist and dye, resist and dye, etc., to get desired results.
  3. Special Forces holster

    @Sblades76 here are a couple of links in case the pics don't load: Thanks for any suggestions and sorry for turning this thread into a help thread.... My main struggle is not seeing artistically. I can "put black stain onto leather" but getting a nice fade or seeing where to highlight and where to leave be is tough for me. I don't even know if that can be taught, the being able to "see" part of it.
  4. Kimber K6S Holster

    When I grow up, I want to work leather as cleanly as you do. Damn it man, that is another outstanding bit of work.
  5. Looks really clean and complimentary to the rest of the gear.
  6. Special Forces holster

    I tried to post a few pics but they are too large. I'll have to figure that out and then I'll take all the tips, tricks, and help I can get. Thanks @Sblades76
  7. Learning stitching and buying my first awl

    Good luck with that....been about 4 years for me and I still have no direction. Its a good thing this is a hobby right now or else my business would have failed a long time ago. I'm loving going wherever the current takes me though.
  8. How deep should I cut

    Good question, I've never thought of this, I kinda just jumped in and started cutting just making sure not to cut through. I've never paid attention to trying to maintain a certain depth. I do know that on the 3-5 oz stuff, I have a hell of a time cutting and stamping it so I usually just leave the thinner leather plain.
  9. 1911 IWB Rough Side Out

    Yeah, superior work as usual. It is beautiful being inside out too, good touch.
  10. I got into making dog collars

    Not only do those look great and strong but comfy too. I imagine that even though they won't understand why, they know it is.
  11. Bible cover

    Yes, please show us the insides and backside. It looks really nice.
  12. Special Forces holster

    As easy as it seems, I'm regularly shamed by my airbrushing....yours looks really good.
  13. Special Forces holster

    Looks good! Is that airbrushed or block dyed?
  14. Pietta 1851 navy revolver holster. First holster

    I really dig that work. It looks great and meets the awesomeness of the gun. The complete one another.
  15. Who makes/made this stamp?

    That's not the same stamp. The rays go all the way to the center and the one above is in a ring.