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  1. New guy coming in from the cold...

    Welcome Ray! Tons of solid info here.
  2. Am I Totally Inept

    I've seen it before and have tried it myself but I can't say it made it harder or easier or the stamping more crisp. I don't usually do it. I'll make a point to try it a few more times and pay better attention. It may be a "do it sometimes" thing too since it darkens the leather quite a bit.
  3. Hot Stamper Free! Giving back to the site!

    Good on you!
  4. Sections, Sections, more Sections

    I'm thinking "ant" was short for antique @Sheilajeanne. @JLSleather, that is a most agreeable color for those grips. I think ya nailed it again sir.
  5. Suggest a first project for a beginner

    If you are interested in wallets, I'd suggest finding a pattern (JLS, above, has several of them on his website for free ) and make 10 of them. By making 10 of them you can see the changes from the first to the last and the repetition is worth its weight in leather. That'll get you used to cutting, sewing, finishing, and then you can find a different thing to make multiples of, maybe tool some, maybe carve some?
  6. The God of Wine

    Sick work Mike!
  7. Suggest a first project for a beginner

    Can't add much more other than a good Welcome to the forum!
  8. A Collaboration on a Cane

    Pretty cool aside from the stitching. I can't wait to see the final version and love the collaborative nature of the effort. Y'all are awesome!
  9. Don't be a one trick pony.

    Yeah, shoes, definitely are on my list too. Luckily for this thread anyway, I'm inexperienced enough to where I'm intimidated by most things so I have a ton of new things I want to try. Tooling is definitely something I'm working on improving but am no longer intimidated by it, I just know I need work which comes with more practice. One thing on my list is to get away from raw veg tan. I want to try a few sides of different colored leather instead of dying all my own. I see Nigel's videos and he's using pre-dyed stuff a lot of the time and the convenience appeals to me. I'd also like to try working with more chrome tanned leathers but the little bit I've used doesn't behave anything like veg tanned so I don't even know how to think about executing with it. Floppy. How?
  10. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    I have a few different size threads just for this. I braided some for the #5 since its so huge.
  11. Log Cabin

    If this ain't cooler than any leather thing I've ever seen, I don't remember it.
  12. That is a nice looking sheath @Instinctive and a great little knife, I have 2