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  1. My new favorite edge dye applicator

    Also, dye doesn't peel off like you see most edge paints do when they take a knock.
  2. Chinks yokes

    Agreed, looks great and will fit those chinks well!
  3. Vintage style briefcase

    That looks great!
  4. Just almost the minimal effort

    lol @ScoobyNewbie
  5. Couch arm table

    That looks great. I betcha you'll think twice that first drink you set on it, I know I would.
  6. Bracelet

    Looks really nice! Good job!
  7. 1st knife sheath

    Now we're talking. It's kinda funny without the knife laid out next to the sheath how the sheath never really comes into focus. Looks great. I'm a huge fan of Ian Atkinson as well. I've learned a ton from his videos.
  8. Making a belt out of upholstery leather?

    It isn't super common but not unheard of either. From time to time you'll see a flesh side out sheath or belt or holster. I've seen a few out in the wild too. I have a flesh side out wallet. It's a nice change.
  9. Beginner's Questions...Again

    I don't wet mine either. Just grip it and rip it. I use the scribe line exclusively for keeping my holes straight and not for recessing the thread, I only do that when I'm amaking a sheath for a hard use knife or some other item that will see abuse or at least a lot of abrasion if not abuse.
  10. Wallet craft time?

    Threads like this one are why I keep logging in. Helpful and constructive truths that are also wrapped in camaraderie. To the OP, don't be afraid to fail when making things. We all have scrap boxes with rather interesting and/or ugly cast offs our mothers wouldn't compliment. Also, don't be afraid to laugh and shrug it off. Continually improving your work will get you to a sellable item. It may not be tomorrow or even a month from now, but at some point if you are diligent, you'll see something after you finish it that is worthy of being sold. That said, also be prepared to spend your initial setup costs without a means to pay it back for a good while. I have a thousand or so dollars into this and may have sold $300 over the last few years at a hobbyists pace. Patience and welcome!
  11. Practice Flower Done

    That turned out really nice @YinTx!
  12. Bifold wallet

    I like that a lot @Elvis!
  13. A different sort of wallet

    Yep. Like this too
  14. WIP. Portrait of my wife

    Another stunner @ABHandmade!
  15. My hobby room

    Looking far better thought out than my space is Mutt. Coming together really well my friend!