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  1. It's been awhile....

    That is a creepy bunch of work! I hope the movie is as well made and looks as good as your costume work!
  2. First motorcycle tank cover

    Excellent work on the lettering. You kept it uniform and aligned. Done well, you have!
  3. Shearling hat

    I mean to make me a shearling hat for this winter one of these days. I kinda want to make one like Cousin Eddie's from Christmas Vacation. #Shitter'sFull
  4. Leaf Carving Tutorial

    Uhm, yes. Yes please a lot Mike. Just keep swimming!
  5. How do I get this finish

    I just picked up some carnauba cream the other day and am liking how it buffs up.
  6. magnets to sandwich

    Try here: I've bought from them before but it has been a while. They should have something that can suit your needs. Disregard, I just saw that @Northmount beat me to it!
  7. Super cool! You may even be able to figure out how to backtrack through the foam as you get used to working with it; Listen to your needles!
  8. My first four wallets.

    Really good looking work. Wallets are my favorite thing to make so far.
  9. Threepersons Done!

    Wow, that is some sharp work!
  10. Starting new project. Advice Kickstarter?

    I don't know much about kickstarter but what you are talking about is maybe a hundred bucks worth of supplies. Is a kickstarter needed for that? If you are making things for friends then you should have about all you need except maybe some leather and a side can be had for around 150-200 bucks and that is a more than afew straps and holsters both. Any pics of your work?
  11. Bringing a Blanchard head knife back to life

    Good save!
  12. You can feel the thread pop off the needle when it does, you just have to be aware. I'd recommend practicing on a bit of scrap first of course.
  13. Ian Atkinson and Nigel Armitage for sure. Their work on youtube has been indispensable. The first person was a forum member from a different forum that actually inspired me to try leatherworking though. Damn near everyone on this forum provides inspiration at a minimum and pulling from everyone's experiences both good and otherwise helps me out every project almost.
  14. First Holster...

  15. As far as piercing the thread goes, just pull the following thread and it'll pop right off the needle. I've made that a habit even when I'm not stitching blind, that is just part of my, and many others', technique. You should easily be able to see the needle once you get the first stitches made too and the foam is compressing.