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  1. 17424678_10154929190071113_2011333649939752008_n.jpg

    Great work. I am intrigued to learn how you got the patterns onto the leather.
  2. Love your bag. One l would love to aspire to. Would love to hear how you did the handles.
  3. Hello from Scotland UK

    Thanks CaptQuirk I am new to leather working and looking to make more leather products. I sell at craft fairs and I have a little Etsy shop. The link to my shop is attached to my profile. Photos are in need of attention though. Another thing I have to work on. Can I ask what sort of leather work you do
  4. Hello from Scotland UK

    Some other work won't upload as it is more than 1.4mb
  5. Hello from Scotland UK

    Hi Zigzag, I have attached some of my work for you to see. Likewise it would be nice to see what you produce.
  6. Hello from Scotland UK

    Hello All, I'm a newbie to leather, l started introducing leather on my waxed canvas bags and l'm hooked. It's a great (but expensive) medium to work with so l have started to make some small accessory products and one bag but hoping to one day have learnt enough about processes and leather to start making a small collection of bags. Fingers crossed.