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  1. The size I am needing on the Chicago screws are 3/16" long and preferably open ended. The post size is about 1/8" in diameter if this helps. I have tried many sources but I am having a hard time finding this type and this length together.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to leather working and I have heard this a helpful and experienced community. I am looking for a supplier that stocks solid copper, open ended chicago screws for my leather projects. I also am looking for a source that maybe able to laser engrave or have custom/unique chicago screws. The plain copper screws can either have a flat top or a rounded (pan head) style. As for the custom ones, I'm just looking for a variety of looks such as, palm trees, stars, flowers, dragon heads, skulls, etc I have stumbled across coated/colored aluminum screws but after contacting the supplier they said the finish will wear / scratch off easy if you are not careful. These will be used mostly on OWB holsters and some IWB holsters so the wear and tear could be high depending on the individual. I am also using these on other clothing garments so wear is also an issue in this application. This is my reason for solid copper and laser etched. Please let me know if I left out any important information needed to located a supplier. Thanks for everyone's help and time, Teak