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  1. dGinLeatherCraft

    Messenger bag

    Good job - I like the design with the back pocket and the central divider
  2. dGinLeatherCraft

    First trade as a leather worker

    Very tidy work - well done they look great Harv
  3. Very nice stuff there - keep it up
  4. Saddle Tan Eco-Flo Gel Antique from Tandy, the medium brown comes out like this - I love it
  5. This is one coat of the gel (Eco-Flo Gel Antique Saddle Tan) unevenly applied to plain leather with a rag - a similar kind of look. Keep up the good work Harv
  6. A job well done that man nice looking finish - you can achieve a nice mottled / grain pattern almost effect using antique gel but I really like what you did and the pattern is lovely. Cheers Harvey
  7. dGinLeatherCraft

    Steampunk leg bag

    The hanger part between the belt and the bag - I used a curved wooden coat hanger to template the curves and the hook in the middle was used to align on a centre mark whilst making the pattern :-) I hope that helps H
  8. dGinLeatherCraft

    Steampunk leg bag

    Thanks - I used a coat hanger for the curves and the hook in the middle of the hanger allows lining up on centre marks, low tech works most of the time
  9. dGinLeatherCraft

    Steampunk leg bag

    Thanks SpaceDog - I'm hoping this one leads to more orders from the local steam-punk groups
  10. dGinLeatherCraft

    Steampunk leg bag

    Thanks BikerMutt - I figured as much, worth asking though
  11. dGinLeatherCraft

    Steampunk leg bag

    Hi all I've just completed a commission for a steampunk leg bag. I used an oiled leather from Tandy - can this stuff be wet moulded at all please? The bag hangs down 9 inches from the belt so it sits around the upper thigh, for future ones I may try and cut in something like a spiders web pattern into the hanging harness. Any feedback welcome :-) Thanks Harvey
  12. dGinLeatherCraft

    Battery bag

    How about a two piece pouch? I made this for a tool bag - back piece folds up to form the base and there's no complicated gusset stitching in what looks like a small item, you could always re-enforce the back for belt attachments. Just a suggestion :-) Harv
  13. dGinLeatherCraft

    Cape falcon

    Hi - nice piece of work very smart. I've heard the perforated paper and powder pattern transfer method referred to as 'poncing' but I don't know what the official name of this method is. We'd probably call the cloth holding the powder a dobber. Cheers Harvey
  14. dGinLeatherCraft

    newbie leatherworker in UK - accessories and such

    Hi from Grantham Harv
  15. dGinLeatherCraft

    Dopp Kit

    Oh OK thanks - every day's a school day Harv