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  1. either way will hold the weight of the rider, although i have heard that in a very moist, wet environment over long periods of time the all leather seat will get soft
  2. did you design the rigging pattern?
  3. you might already know this but ray holes makes some stuff called rawhide cream u can use that stuff but it might be a little expensive, also you dont necesarly need animal fat, just take ivory soap and scrape it, possibly with a poatato peeler or something, and mix it wth some water over the stove, i have not made this stuff but the guy that taught me to braid uses it , i have a friend that makes a mix with snowseal and something else, ill get back to you with the mix
  4. braided another rawhide honda with the plastic burner, i just crowned the strings on the neck continuously till i had it long enough, dont be afraid to say what you think needs to change
  5. thank you, i guess i never though of using the dremel
  6. yeah some old fellow showed me how to make these, ive never really used bruce grants book for braiding, too hard to understand
  7. yeah i think your right, i doesnt look too bad either
  8. right away i find the middle of the strings, then i do a slit braid right in the middle of them, you could also braid 4 strands in the middle
  9. i bought them at my local feed store, i think some of the big chain stores like big r have them and i know buckaroobusinesses.com carries them
  10. Does anybody here know how to make copper rivet domers, i guess you could just drill out the end of some stock but that wouldnt be very round, i like to make my own stuff so this would be something i could save 30 bucks on
  11. no its not too bad, i have a long tapered spike i use, and i usually can get it all the way through, then i take out the spike and put in my 3/8 plug, the spike is a little larger than 3/8 so i have to hurry and put in the plug but i can usually get it done. i think the knots look better if you tie them before you put the plug in
  12. I normally use rawhide burners on my rawhide hondas, but recently i have been using plastic burners, Plastic burners are really the way to go, you get the weight of a rawhide honda with the speed of a plastic burner, and when the honda gets wet it doesnt get so sticky and slow, please tell me whatcha think
  13. These are the rest of the pics, i will load burner pics later
  14. This is how i braid a rawhide honda, im not sure what you would call it, I will add more pics later
  15. do you build your own trees to? these are some nice lookin saddles