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  1. Sewing machine Mitsubishi

    Many thanks for your answers. This sewing machine came to me from the point of reception of scrap metal. The mechanisms work well, but have not yet tested for performance. At the moment I'm using the Chinese sewing machine (patcher) thanks for the explanation of Wizcrafts . I hope that I can use needles and thread as in a Chinese sewing machine. DrmCa answering your question - tracksuits kapron Н30. Needles Groz-Beckert 134 LR . I'm not a specialist in shoe making, I'm fond of sewing shoes in my spare time, I sew shoes for myself and my family. I agree with Constabulary , this car is very similar to the Claes & Flente, but some small details are completely different. For example, the wheel with the logo has another drum and the levers are slightly different in shape. In any case, I will try to work on it and would like to show its work and tell about my impressions about this machine.
  2. Sewing machine Mitsubishi

    Hello!My name is Alexandr. I have a shoe sewing machine Mitsubishi. I want to send you a photo and ask for identification. It looks like a German sewing machine from Thuringia. But my sewing machine has a Mitsubishi logo. Who is the actual manufacturer? I ask your help.Thank you very mutch