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  1. What brand are these? Ring's? Duncans? ASP?
  2. That's a nice looking knife. I really like the striping in the handle! Aaron Crawford is a known leather tool maker. I've seen some tools with his name along with Sauerbier's name. Bruce Johnson has a bit of info on his website, in his "My Collection" album. Here's the link: It's the box that's second from the bottom row on the left (at least on my computer display). Paul
  3. Having them split it usually adds right around a week, as there is a line of orders waiting for a turn at the splitter. Most of my orders that get split ship in 7 to 9 days from calling, though it has taken longer on occasion. Paul
  4. I know Ed Raichert Sewing carries it. They're in Phoenix, AZ. Here's the website: I spoke with them at a trade show in late February, and they said what colors they don't have in stock, they can get pretty quickly from the U.S. importer. Paul
  5. I have a Taurus 92 mag. From what I understand, the dimensions are very close between the Taurus and Beretta 92 (to the point where some people modify the notch for the mag catch to convert a Beretta mag to work in the Taurus). Here's the dimensions on the Taurus mag: Width- 1.240 inch Thickness- .787 inch Height- very close to 5 inches I would imagine the Glock will not work. Let us know what the CZ-75 and XDM mic at. Paul
  6. Here's one I made a couple years ago. It's got 15 degrees of rearward rake: And here's one I made earlier this year with a strap in place of the rear belt slot. It's a little rough, as I made it for myself, and was in a big hurry to have it ready for a hiking trip.
  7. I get my Master Max Bond from Montana Leather Co. I buy it at a trade show they attend here in AZ once a year, so don't know what the shipping would be, but the last gallon I bought from them in February, was $48. I don't THINK that was a show special, though not certain. They don't have it on their website, so you'll need to email or call. Montana Leather Paul
  8. Tan

    I wonder if this might be what you're looking for Red Cent. This is Wickett and Craig's Russet skirting. On the left with either no neetsfoot oil, or a light coat. On the right, a heavier coat of neetsfoot, though not enough to affect the stiffness of the leather. If I remember correctly, these were two different pieces of Russet skirting, though they would have been close in color regardless. Here's another pic that's a bit more tan. I probably put just a bit more oil on this one, than the Avenger style on the left in that upper photo:
  9. Got the railed Sig 229 dummy in the mail today. Thanks again! Paul
  10. On Thoroughbred Leather's Facebook page, they have a "Deep Denim New Haven" Vegtan. It might be dark enough for you. It's also waxed on the grain side. Thoroughbred Leather - Louisville, Kentucky - Wholesale & Supply Store | Facebook You'll need to scroll down their timeline a bit to see it. There's a pic on July 9th, and if you scroll down quite a bit, there's some pics of customer products made from it (June 2nd is the first customer pic, and you'll need to scroll further back then that to see more stuff made with it). Paul
  11. Got the Kahr dummy gun and mag, as well as the Glock 22 mag today. Thanks!! Paul
  12. I'll take the Kahr PM9 dummy gun and the 10 round Glock 22 mag. PM inbound Paul
  13. Very nice George! I particularly like the hammer thong. Paul
  14. Thank you Chief!! Paul
  15. I need to make some wooden dummies of a single stack .380 mag for molding mag pouches. Problem is I don't have a .380. Can someone take a pair of calipers to a mag? Interested in the thickness, and the width front to back. Paul