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  1. Skiver Machine

    He is out of Pennsylvania.
  2. Car Wax

    Thanks fredk. Just a thought I had.
  3. Car Wax

    Ok, this may be crazy but, has anyone used car wax such as Turtle Wax on pre-dyed leather? If so, what kind of results do you get? Chad
  4. Briefcase For My Brother

    Looks great. A briefcase for my brother is my next big project. Just trying to get it worked out in my mind how I want to do it.
  5. Supplier for Solid Brass Hardware

    Try the Hardware Elf.
  6. My first padfolio

    Bikermutt07, it is a Full Spectrum hobby laser. It really is plug and play. If you have a program that prints, ie: word, adobe, ect., you can engrave with it.
  7. My first padfolio

    The leather is English Bridle in Burgundy from Wickett and Craig. There is a slit in the pocket that you slide the back of the pad through.
  8. My first padfolio

    Thanks for the relies fellas.
  9. A full leather pad folio for my son. Holds an 8 1/2 X 11 pad, has three pockets and a small pocket for cards. All hand stitched. And I laser engraved his name on the front.
  10. Do you still have the skiver?

  11. Stiffener for Portfolio

    I would use chipboard as a stiffener. As for a finish for waterproofing, why not carnauba cream?
  12. Book Cover

    That is so cool. Nice design.
  13. 6" Heritage Leather Skiver

    Sir, Can I get a shipping quote to 78227? Thank you.
  14. Setting Rivets In Difficult Places

    How about some Chicago Screws and a little Loctite?