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    Learning more about all types of leather work, computers, I really enjoy tinkering, and getting things to work again.

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  1. I realize this is and old post but I am looking at basket weave posts and want to learn. You say draw a line form the top of the slot to the top of the slot for a guideline. I am confused as it looks like (to me anyway) the the line goes from the top of the front slot to the bottom of the back slot? I am missing something here, maybe talking about different slots? It would be gratefully appreciated if you could get me on the right track please. Thank you in advance for all the advice and time. Paul
  2. Thank you everyone for all the advice, I really love this group. I think I figured (you all figured) it out. There is only one way for me to stamp and still see what I'm doing is to go /. Otherwise I'm always in my own way( not that I'm not use to that!). Electrathon I am looking forward to your example, really like you work. Thanks again everyone, I will keep checking back here.
  3. I hope this isn't a redundant question but I have been researching for two days and can't find answer. What determines the direction (down to the right or down to the left) of the basketweave? Or is there only one correct direction? Hope this question makes sense to someone out there and thank in advance for any advice. Paul
  4. Just wondering exactly how you apply the mop-n-glow,brush,spray rag? Thank you
  5. Richard, you hit the nail on the head!! That is exactly what it is. It is Craftsman oak and was in fact from Mexico. Obviously they weren't showing when I purchased it, they just started showing up as of late. Thank you for your reply and being so knowledgeable and the info.
  6. Please can anyone identify what these spots are and what causes them? They are all over a hide of 3/4 oz Veg tan. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them or at least use the hide? Thanks Paul
  7. I was wondering just how do you apply the Mop-n-Glo? Brush, spray, dauber? I have tried a couple of different spray bottles and it just gets clogged after a couple of sprays, and it is a 50/50 mix. Thanks for your help. Paul
  8. This is such a great thread, a lot of information and experience in a couple of pages. Thanks so much Art for sharing so much with us that need it. What is your opinion of Japanese Water stones? Are you supposed to use them like regular stones with a back and forth, or circular motion or just a pulling motion like a strop? Thanks again for taking the time to help us here. Paul
  9. I have just been experimenting with all the above. A big lesson, and a time and money saver, is to apply the adhesive with an artists pallet knife. The come in many sizes/shapes, are quite cheap and spread the adhesive evenly and use about 1/3 of what I was using with a brush and takes less time to dry. I am very happy with the results. Paul
  10. Glad you got things worked out, mine really doesn't have a "lip" per se the box is level with the granite. I followed some advice I found on here and there are two pieces of 3/4 Plywood under it. Nice piece you found there good luck. Paul
  11. Here is a picture of how I fixed mine, works great for me. Hope these come out not sure how to post pics.
  12. Thanks Ducjes, looks like it could be real handy, except, in the "Cost of Leather" I get a "#NAME?" error? Any ideas?
  13. For strops for curved blades I have taken PVC pipe couplings with the right diameter to fit the curve of the knife ( I have one 6" coupling to fit the Tandy Curved blade trim knife and a 1.5" for the curved Xacto type knife.) them I glue and lace a piece of leather to them and add polishing compound. Works really well. Paul
  14. Thanks for that idea, I will give that a try, all I know is I didn't put any finish on it myself. I visited your website and you have some beautiful work on there. I like it a lot. Good luck on your school. Paul
  15. Perhaps I should have said "any more casing OR conditioners" and yes I am aware of the difference. It does, as you mentioned, seem that some type of sealer has be applied, but, in fact, it hasn't, hence my question. I was hoping someone might have run into the same problem and be willing to shed some light the problem. Not exactly sure what stamping and swivel knife practice enter into this question but thanks for your post. This is a practice piece from the same side I am going to try to use for my project. Thanks again for any help I can get. Paul