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  1. dikman, Oh goodness, I know what you mean about feeling bad for the poor machine! You know it can be useful and it's such a shame to not give it a useful existence! These old machines are actually pretty easy to fix as long as most of the parts are there and they haven't been too abused. About the color, I do like the classic black machines with the gold decals, but I'm really not opposed to the idea of giving them a different paint job, that is if I had received one that was already painted. I've added some fun decals before and would do that again! So just enjoy the fun of it. My Sis spent $1,000.00 to have a guy paint an old Singer Featherweight RED!!! Actually, it was more like maroon. She loves that thing!
  2. Update: I had oiled the machine when I last posted about it. Then I stuck it on the shelf and waited for the part to come in. At last, the part arrived. Pulled the machine off the shelf and threaded it up with what I could find in the small bag of things that came with it. There were a few bobbins and several packs of needles. I am not sure what thickness the thread was, but it was cotton for sure, felt about the thickness of v92 that I normally use, and I felt it was maybe a bit too thick for the machine, but what previous owner was using. So, I tried it out! She sews!!! However, it feels like it is binding a bit when the needle comes down into the hook area. I After a couple of adjustments though, no loopies, it sews like a good old Singer should! Yay! When I have more time, I will set her in her base and give it a go with the motor and foot pedal. My goal is not to put a lot of money into this machine, but just use it if it works well and it's easy to fix. So far it is! The thread guide (post) in the last photo is kind of funky. It's actually too big for the hole and sinks down into the machine so far you can barely see it. I'll have to fix that, or get the right thread guide for it. I am not sure yet if the machine is a keeper, but I know the table will be!
  3. dikman, great little modification you made on the handwheel!
  4. For light leather & linings, I would think you could get away with a teflon foot on a Pfaff 130?? The zigzag feature would be great for the linings too. That's what I would do anyhow! Or perhaps an older Adler machine, like a 187?
  5. Okay Dikman, Thanks! Okay, the big lever, duh! Got fixeted on the silver button thing, it's cute! Hey, look at this nice table: I think it's a steal at just under $100, located in "Mechanicsburg" Pennsylvania. Appropriate! It's a lovely table design, old Commercial iron table, straight leg design. Good thing I don't live there, I'd have to swing on over and pick it up!
  6. Trevor, I have seen these free manuals and used them, but get busy sometimes so you made it very easy for me to find manuals right hear on the leatherworker forum, Yay! It can take a while hunting around, so a real time saver. I just used the 96-10 manual you posted to figure out where a part goes on my newest Old Singer. Thank you!
  7. Brianm, Thanks a bunch! Yeah, I guess that is what I'm going for, waterproof! I know she'll get dirt all over those Chaps and I want her to be able to get them cleaned up again. I'm glad that "neatsfoot" stuff you mentioned adds some hardness to the leather, that is also something I was concerned about, having it too soft and stretchy for chaps. I've examined a few pairs of chaps and have seen everything from soft and smooth to fairly stiff chaps. I have a brother who is a blacksmith and he wears an apron that appears to be made from Nubuck leather. Really appreciate the advice of those more experienced than myself in leather work. Have only altered & repaired leather jackets and other leather items through the years, but have not yet designed and sewn anything of my in leather. I regularly apply leather patches and fabric patches to jackets and things, so I do have the right kind of needles and machine for that anyhow. I'm not uncomfortable sewing on leather, I do quite a few very large embroidery pieces on leather, up to 17" wide for Customers, airplane bulkheads and interiors and car interiors. I charge double for the leather jobs, they just take more time, always on panels supplied by Clients. Some leathers seem very stretch compared to others, I think that is one of my biggest challenges when doing embroidery work with lots of thread coverage. It's very important to make sure you've got a good stabilizer and that the piece does not get over punched, or get wavy in the hoop when you have a lot of fill. That can really throw of your design. There are a lot of other things to watch out for too, problems I don't encounter when embroidering on fabrics. So I've learned some things about leather and how it feels under the machine, be it my commercial embroidery machines, or the big Mama, Pfaff(alina) my 545. LOL! I have a nice assortment of needles for leather that I inherited when I bought the Pfaff. I think that I'm going to enjoy sewing on leather more than I do embroidering on it! Might not be as profitable, but I don't care about that right now. I'm just going to have some fun. Thanks so much for the help!
  8. Stelmackr, Great advice, thank you! That is exactly what I tell people when I teach! I'm not a teacher by profession, but there are those friends and relatives who always ask me to show them how to do something. Got to apply that advice to myself!
  9. Free! Well you have to put a little bit of $ into that one then! The shape of the reverse lever is is different, looks like a silver button. Do you push it in to go reverse, or does it move up and down in a slot? I've seen those in pictures of machines and wondered about how they work.
  10. Kewl! Does that machine sew in reverse? I like that fold down you added! Push that metal on the treadle!!!! Whoo hoo!
  11. Dikman, Thank you! Yes, when you posted your finds, I was salivating over my own potential find. Then when the price dropped to less than what we usually spend for a dinner for two, well out came my wallet! Yes, I think we should be scared of these beautiful old Singers, lest we end up piling them one on top of the other. Who can sew like that anyhow? I do enjoy reading about what you find though, so keep it up!! LOL.
  12. Mr. Thayer, Thanks for the information and education on the vertical vs. horizontal. Two languages for sure! Wow, just wow! - about your table with all that fold up business. That thing is like a pop up trailer, lol. I love it. Yes, I too ran out of space for my lovely (mostly Singer) antique machines. Sold most of them a couple years ago. However, as long as I can resurrect them from what would be an almost certain death, and make somebody else love them and use them again, that is a reason to bring another home! They just can't all live here. : ) Thus the reason for wanting this old treadle table. Again, thank you for all your help! You are a very valuable member here.
  13. Mr. Thayer, Thanks so much for your help and your assurance that I did this right so far! Also, I'm glad it is pretty much the same as the 31-15 except for the way the bobbin sits, vertical vs. horizontal? No wonder I thought the machine was a 31-15 when I saw it! I'm really glad to hear that the 31-15 will fit into the opening, yay! That's a nice setup you have the with the Industrial sewing table! I love that table you have and the way it folds down on left. I think that table is pretty rare the way it does that. I had opportunity to buy one like once that and didn't! I think I will do that same thing with my table and create my own hinge for it, but I'm thinking I want my table to be only as wide as it's iron base, so my fold down might be more exaggerated. The positioning finger I found already, even before I bought the machine. Now if I can remember where it goes or how it goes! I know I messed with that part quite a bit when I fixed the 31-15 I had. It had other problems, needed quite a few parts, and I remember all the bobbin case parts going together like a puzzle. I had to keep some of the older parts as they fit better than the replacement parts did. By the way, I purchased a part from you years ago for a beautiful Singer Lotus machine, it was the rod that you attached the foot to. I think I had a side mount and needed a back mount, found it on your website. Do you still deal in sewing machine parts? Picture of the cute motor below! I think it is only 1/5 Horsepower, runs on 110. I'm used to really racey motors, so this is nice for a change.
  14. Hello Administrator!

    I'm hopping to get some help deleting a couple "New Topics" I posted in the Sewing Machine section. My computer was acting up and I didn't think it had posted, but ended up posting my message 3 times! 3rd one was the one that worked, with photo of my machine. Can you please delete the first two? Heading of Topic reads,


    Commercial Singer Treadle (motorized) w/96-10 Head
    My apologies for the goof up!
    Thanks so much!
  15. A friend of mine who is also one of my Customers has a junk store. Originally he had a price tag of several hundered dollars on the machine. He knows I love the old Singers and calls me every time he sees one. He called me about this one last summer, I always tell him "don't buy that" because I know he's trying to find something that I would like and I got enough machines and got rid of enough machines already. LOL.... I din't find this out until later, but one of his Customers traded him for one of his tee shirts that I screenprint for him with his shop logo on it. When he told me he traded a tee shirt for it, I didn't feel so bad that he got it. He told me to come down and see what it was, so I did. Told him I don't want that machine, but I like it! Then months go by and I stuck to my guns, I didn't buy it. A couple weeks ago, I am in his shop and see he's dropped the price from several hundred to $59.95, or some silly price. So, I remove all the glasses and junk sitting all over the machine's table and pull it out of the corner and start putting it all together and making some adjustments. the belt was off, the needle was out, the bobbin case was out, and I find out what's missing and what's there. Then I turn the handwheel a couple times until I'm comfortable plugging it in. The cute old motor runs! But she needs some work around the bobbin area. I decide it's definately worth the $59.95 but still don't really want it yet. I tell him what it needs to run, probably just one part, a bobbin case position bracket. Then I put the machine back in it's corner and leave. Then I get a text message from him telling me I can buy the machine for $30.00! So yesterday I went back in, gave him the $30.00 plus tax and now I own a machine! Initially, I thought the machine was a 31-15, but turns out it is a 96-10. I really only bought it for it's base, but I do love the old Singers and like to see them run. I may need some help with this one though, have never owned a 96-10, never really wanted one. I've always wanted an Industrial treadle base though and figure some day I will come across the right handwheel and treadle wheel to add to it. I'd keep the cute motor though, I love that too! I'm hoping the bobbin case position bracket is all this beauty needs to run right again. I do intend to make her look pretty again. If she does a good job sewing lightweight leather, well she can stay! I'm really more in the market for another Pfaff 138-6. The one I bought last Spring and fixed up has been sold. I just needed the space and the money at the time.Thank you all for helping me on that one! It sure did run nice when it left here! New Owner was New at sewing and he was pretty tickled to get such a great machine. He's stayed in touch too, asking questions as he learns about the machine. Nice guy! I didn't know how much I was going to miss that machine until now! But I'm really glad it went to a good place where it is being used daily. So.... back to the 96-10...Anybody know if a 31-15 or a 31-20 will fit into the opening on this one? I wasn't sure if the bed size of this 96-10 is the same size as the 31-15. Got any ideas what I can to to beautify this old girl? She is crusty and dusty!