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  1. Bob, I'm ready for that motor now! I will be giving you a call!
  2. stelmS Stelmackr, Thank you for that info., I didn't know Ernie sold those. Every couple years, I do go to his shop and get something! Have to put that on my must have list!
  3. Clem, that's nice! A friend of mine did that on his Pfaff 138. Great job! Looks like you got a steal of a deal on that! Fun fun!
  4. So glad you posted this and that I got a chance to see what answers you got. I think I need a CB3200!!! LOL! I wonder how much shipping would be to Washington State. LOL! Really, I do wonder! Are there any Dealers in Seattle area?
  5. Pfaff 138-6 gets my vote too! I had one, but sold it. Regret that I had to sell it, but that was due to space. It was in the house. Not everyone loved it there as much as I did. LOL! Good luck, tell us what you end up with, please.
  6. I had a similar situation when I bought (new) one of the very first servo motors. I should have returned it right away and could have gotten replacement if I'd done it early enough. My motor worked sometimes and sometimes it did not work. Then it just quit all together and there was no way to get a refund. At the time, the motors cost double what they do now. Still not happy about it, but that's how it was. So, if you can, just return it! There you go, my two cents!
  7. Wow! Your machine got inspected by aliens/martians. What the heck? Glad you got a speedy refund. Hopefully you can the right part for it quickly too. good luck!
  8. Well Congrats to you! Yes, I'd say you got a good deal if you were able to get it sewing perfectly! Post a pic if you can. Happy for you!
  9. By the way, is that a reverse lever I see? If so, do you think it was added after machine was made? Just wondering, because it appears that it's one of those military issued machines, but I don't think it is. The knob that looks like reverse lever looks a lot like my Pfaff's lever. (?) Just curious. If it had reverse, that would of course make it much more desirable for sure! What kind of price would you put on it? Good for you for being able to part with it, I know you said you don't need another machine. They really are fun to fix, aren't they? Whoever gets it will be so happy with it.
  10. Wow! That looks fantastic! I'm glad you were able to make it sew better than it was doing. If you end up selling it, the new owner will only have to deal with some basic adjustments and/or parts to get it stitching just right. Or, they may even have a machine already to put in it's place! That drop down table is a real plus for anyone using the machine in a small space. Great work!
  11. Not to put any pressure on you, but how's the restoration going? Have you almost got her all put together? Can't wait to see her all dressed up with the badge and pins and all the parts back together!
  12. Congrats on the Seiko!
  13. Eric, This is great stuff, thank you! My machines thank you too!
  14. Great! Can't wait to see that!