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  1. Ladies' Card Wallet

    Thanks, I applied 3 coats with a thick scratch awl, and sanded with 600 grit in between. I don't have one of those Regad heating tools unfortunately, or I think it might be shinier.
  2. Ladies' Card Wallet

    Thanks all for the kind words
  3. From Russia with love

    Beautiful work! I love the attention to detail and well thought out designs.
  4. dog Collar

    Thanks Seansun. It was a fun project. I either didn’t stir the edge kote enough or maybe it froze at some point.
  5. Halloween mask/costume

    that is great! I am going to try a mask this Halloween.
  6. First "classy" wallet

    VERY nice. I like the mitered corners and quality stitching.
  7. Pony Harness

    VERY nice... I wish the pictures were bigger!
  8. Some of my work

    I have to agree with amigo. Aside from users possibly not having the software, Word files can have scripts and other potential security issues. - I won't download them.
  9. Ladies' Card Wallet

    Here is a card wallet I made for my wife for xmas. Red English bridle fully lined and accented with pink veg tan.
  10. dog Collar

    Here is a collar I made for our Dachshund from English bridle. It is a bit over built, but that is how I wanted it. fully lined, including the strap, with 2-3 oz veg tan. Had a bit of trouble with the edge kote sticking. It might be a bad batch.
  11. Diamond Awl problems

    I use the Blanchard blades and they are fully sharp down the edges, which is consistent with the french style. They are easily dulled though. I just run them back and forth on the straight part of the edge a bit on a medium and then fine stone, and strop the edges as well. You don't want to dull too much of the point, but if you feel the hole is still too large, you can dull up the shoulder as well. I do this after getting the four sides all gleaming. I also find that the Blanchard points are too acute for my taste. Rounding them off a bit seems to help with maintaining the point sharpness.