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  1. Thanks Tom
  2. I recently purchased a Cobra Post Bed machine with a rolling foot from a lady who couldn't find room for it in her tiny shop and after purchasing I have no use for it. It's in amazing condition and has only been used no more than ten times. I'm asking $1000 for it
  3. Thanks so much for this video! That's helpful
  4. It depends on how soft your leather is, but I've been hot stamping leathers for a while now too. I use a Howard Personalizer and heat up the tray to 325 degrees and stamp first without the foil and a second time with. It turns out great most of the time.
  5. I use chrome tanned leather and also make custom stamps from a hard plastic called Delrin that I use on every one of my products. I've had no issue embossing the leather, but I use a 50 ton hydraulic press.
  6. Good Idea! Thanks, I've already filled it with epoxy so I'll see what happens in about 3 more hours
  7. So I have a Techsew 3650 HD that I haven't used in about 2 years because the feed dog leaves the ugly tracks on the underside of my work (I'm only using 5 oz. Leather) I was wondering if anyone has ever filled those grooves on the feed dog with epoxy or another sealant and whether or not that would still pull the leather through but without the gaudy tracks underneath? If not that, is there another way to avoid leaving the tracks?
  8. How did you get the one pictured first to fold over so nicely? Very nice work brother
  9. Wow, very pretty gun koozie. Also, I love .45's and that one now has a nice home
  10. Really sweet design, and the stitches look awesome. Nice job
  11. Love the bags, very pretty color!
  12. 5 oz. cowhide that we call Rugged Folklore
  13. Here is the second messenger bag i've made. I didn't include the shoulder strap in this picture and I should have gotten more before I sold it, but here it is! There is a hidden tuck catch behind the front straps so they actually dont come apart.
  14. I'm currently using a Techsew 5100 SE for all my work including bags, but looking for another machine to use and I typically use 5-6 oz leather. I've researched post-bed machines and have gotten some mixed reviews about whether or not they're a good choice for sewing hand bags. I've been working with leather full-time for a little over a year and i'm new to this. So my question is this : What is the best machine to use for sewing handbags?