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  1. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Sounds like good advice. He does have pretty long arms and plays both quite a bit lower than I would consider normal. I like the idea of giving some extra length that could be cut off. When I give it to him it will be on a cruise ship but I could just take a burnisher and a small vial of dye and fix it then and there if I needed to cut it off. Thanks for the idea.
  2. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Would a 3" strap be too dang wide to be comfortable? I just wonder about it digging into your neck. He plays Texas country and Southern Rock. Even when playing acoustic he is playing aggressively. He usually has to put on 3 strings a night if that means anything. I have a very nice side of an Italian tanned leather that I need to see how well it tools. I think it is around 3-4 ounce so that might work. Any recommendations on padding inside the strap? I definitely won't put a big piece of sheep skin on it because I don't care for how it looks. I wish I had the luxury of getting a measurement on the strap he uses. He is too far away and he would be onto me. His dad is a pro musician as well. Maybe he would know? Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it..
  3. Very nicely done!!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Show your Shop

    If I showed you my "shop" you would sprain your pancreas laughing. Muahahahahaha!
  5. Hello and Goodbye

    Went to my work bench to make sure you didn't steal mine. (Hahaha... gotta go with what I got) Hey man, stick around. There will always be some tools wherever you go. I have never been on a forum where they weren't and I used to take great delight in flaming them every time they popped up. Now, I simply won't let them take any of my energy. I have interacted with so many good people in the leather community that they overshadow the idiots by 100x. I know my work is far from perfect but it's coming along. I hope you stick around. Cheers! Scott
  6. Chan Geer notebook

    So nice! The flow is excellent and the tooling looks fantastic! You are a true artist! Cheers Scott
  7. Basketweaved skull

    The technique you used to blend this is sick!!! Love it!
  8. Hello all, I am going to make a guitar strap (which I haven't done before..... surprise surprise) for a friend of ours and I could use some direction from the seasoned guitar strap makers if possible. Based on my research I am seeing the length of most straps to go out to 59" (36-59 I believe) I am sure any off the rack strap would work for me because I am not very tall and I don't play with the guitar very low. Let me preface with the fact that I am pretty sure I am much better at collecting guitars than I am at playing them. You would never think "hmmmmmm, he reminds me of Jimmy Page if you watched me play. Back to the question the subject. Our friend is 6'4" tall and I would estimate weighs around 275-300. He is a gigging musician and his career is taking off. He doesn't have a strap with his name on it or any personalized strap at all. He does play with the guitar quite low as many of the younger musicians do these days. With all of this long winded explanation would you extend the strap length to 66" or is there enough travel in a 59" to accommodate what I am describing. I plan on doing quite a lot of carving and painting on this strap and it is important that it is going to work out. I haven't decided if I will do the adjustment in the strap that loops into itself or one that adjusts with a block and Chicago screws. (Block is perhaps the wrong word, it's just what it looks like to me) 2nd Dilemma: I have seen many straps that have some sort of suede or pigskin or even the flesh side of veg tan backing to give some friction to the strap to keep it from slipping around. Is this a hard and fast rule? I would like to personalize the inside of the strap with some more personal items that aren't really public info. A hidden message of sorts and I wonder if it is reasonable to use the same leather as a backer as you use for the front. The reason is I am wanting to tool and paint it inside and out. 3rd: Padding the strap: As I mentioned this young man is a working musician and he will likely wear this for several hours a night. Is padding a must if this is the case? He plays electric guitar but mainly acoustic. I am not sure if the weight of the guitar or the duration of wear would be more of a determining factor. Is the padding looked at as "some old man stuff" I don't need any padding. I know this turned out to be a novel so I apologize for that. It's an important piece to me and I anticipate it will mean a lot to him so I want it as perfect as possible. Unfortunately I can't ask him a lot of questions or I will give it away. Thanks in advance for any assistance you might offer. All the best! Scott
  9. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Hi there Mike, I am interested in getting some of this because..... My wife says I am a hide hoarder and I don't want to let her down. Do you still have some on hand? Wouldn't it be nice if you actually had a plan that required you to buy a certain type of leather? I tend to buy it just because I like it and something might come up. Ha! PM me if you would like to discuss details. Thanks, Scott
  10. Cross Draw Holster

    That's a good idea too. As I mentioned, This was a first for me so I am not sure if it's learning as I go or "winging it". Laying it out on paper was a trick because I am not used to doing it and it turned out I needed to cut off 1.5" of the toe. It's funny how we always look at our work and say "I could have done this part better" Live and learn. The owner was absolutely tickled when he saw it so that was rewarding. All the best! Scott
  11. Cross Draw Holster

    Thank you very much! Thank you! Hi there Gary, Thank you very much. Honestly I have only made a handful of holsters and this is the first one of this type. This one is open toe but I needed just a little more squeeze to keep the "smokewagon" (Ha, love that term) from settling down too deep in the holster. It has adjustable rear sights and I didn't want the pressure of the holster to effect how they are set because of the spring. I will take another pic of the toe to show you what I mean. Ryan I do think I am going to re do that strap. 1. Because I can. 2. Even though it is functional as is... I think it will just look better. 3. It gives me an excuse to play with leather. Thanks to all for the interest. I hope you are doing well. Scott
  12. Cross Draw Holster

    Hi there Ryan, I didn't make the belt, just liked the two of them together. :D I agree with you on the strap end and it would have been better to do it a little longer. The good thing is this particular snap will release with rolling the edge of your finger on it. You don't have to grab it (if that makes sense) The background was tooled using a matting stamp and it was only done in the section on the front. I appreciate the kind words. Scott
  13. Cross Draw Holster

    Hello all, I hope each of you are doing well. Just wanted to share a holster I finished up this week. Comments and Critique are always welcome. Enjoy! Scott
  14. Campbell Leatherworks

    Sharing my work with my fellow leather workers
  15. From the album Campbell Leatherworks

    This is a holster I finished this week for a client. I didn't make the belt, just liked how it looked when put together.