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  1. Weight Lifting Belt Seeking advice on thickness

    I will be happy to share the finished project with everyone. Cheers amigo
  2. Weight Lifting Belt Seeking advice on thickness

    I did decide to follow your recommendation on the bridle inside and veg tan outside so I can tool it. It will be a very basic tooling but one that is important to him. The scenario you describe with it moving will be possible in this particular build. I was able to convince them of doing a 5" back and it will be 3" on sides and front. On the coloring I am shooting for Michigan colors Navy and Maize. I have a eco flo dye that is amazing in color but I am about over using water based dyes. I didn't see it available in the fiebings pro dyes and don't think it would be smart to use water based dye in a sweaty situation. Do you know of anything that will permanently lock in the color of water based and prevent it from rubbing off on clothes? That guitar strap gave me a run for the money trying to get that figured out. Thanks again for the interest. Scott
  3. Weight Lifting Belt Seeking advice on thickness

    Thanks for the reply and I too agree on the true purpose of the belt. I have gotten familiar with many of the more respected belt makers in the mass produced world. It seems the bulk of them are using sole leather in varying thicknesses and suede on the inside and outside. I think the suede is simply to get a vibrant color that gives it some pop while it would give a certain amount of grip on the inside. I appreciate your reply.
  4. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Thank you very much!
  5. Weight Lifting Belt Seeking advice on thickness

    Thank you very much. I was able to get them to go down to a 3"-5" but was set on it. You did a nice job on that one you shared. Nice indeed! Hi there Andy. That's what I was wondering about. It's been a while since I had a deadlift bar in front of me. I appreciate the interest
  6. Guitar Strap is finished and on stage daily.

    Thanks amigo. That was my first one.
  7. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Thank you. I appreciate it.
  8. Weight Lifting Belt Seeking advice on thickness

    Hello there and thank you for the reply. I must say that is the most information packed reply I could imagine and I really appreciate the information. You are always eager to share your knowledge and I really admire that. I do agree with you on the real reason for the belt and giving you something to push against. I can see how putting the curve in it would make it more comfortable as well. I originally was thinking of doing two layers flesh to flesh side cemented to give a smooth edge on the inside and adding some suede for grip. I want just a little bit of grip but don't really want to make a sweat sponge. Would you just stack them flesh to grain and leave the flesh for the "grip". (in the example of using bridle leather) I figured if it is suede there is only so much sweat that can be absorbed and the next layer would be sealed grain side. What would you recommend? I hope I am getting my point across clearly. Thanks a million for the interest. Scott
  9. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    Here are a few more images of the strap while in various stages of progress.
  10. Campbell Leatherworks

    Sharing my work with my fellow leather workers
  11. From the album Campbell Leatherworks

    This is how it turned out. Tell me what you think?