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  1. All are sold, admin can delete
  2. Newark marked Osborne sold.
  3. open to hear offers
  4. Modern Osborne top right is sold.
  5. Modern Osborne top right is sold.
  6. Thinning the herd, large Rose on left $140, smaller Rose center top $120, has a small pit that is in edge, Modern Osborne on top right $45. The large Newark marked Osborne on the bottom I kinda want to keep, but as with everything if the offer is good enough it will go too, I don't believe it has ever been sharpened. All others are sharp. These just don't get used because I prefer a couple of my other ones
  7. Need Help! Can't Solve Cowboy Stitching Issue...

    I had problems with the thread dropping off the spool and snagging on the base of the holder, read somewhere here to put a ladies nylon stocking on the spool to solve it
  8. You guys do a great job on that blade IMO, I was able to pull a 6" wide piece of W&C through my 8" Heritage Professional. I did swap out the depth stop thumb screw for something a bit bigger, but I'm very very pleased with mine.
  9. Want New Stones

    http://m.ebay.com/itm/3pcs-6-Inch-Grit-240-600-3000-Diamond-Coated-Disc-Flat-Lap-Wheel-Lapping-New-/261615490749?nav=SEARCH I use these for gravers as well as my round knife, been happy with them. Many different ones on the bay.
  10. I saw that set up in a picture on here somewhere, I did the same with mine and hang it in the corner far out of the way, very cautious getting it down and putting it away. I strop mine with the blade in place, dislike messing with it to much
  11. Yeah, had one of those in my hands at a yard sale, still not sure why I put it back. I was very surprised I was able to pull that and have it come out as nice as it did, that blade scares me a bit....
  12. My Heritage splitting 6" of W & C veg to 3 oz. I pulled with 2 hands as my friend set the handle. Fairly new machine, only stropped the blade.
  13. Depends on how it's set up I guess
  14. +1That's what the guy who made my boat cover has set up. His has to be 20 ft on the out feed side and 12 ft wide, it's pretty awesome to see, sews with a Consew 206RB. One could even use 8 ft folding tables....
  15. Mine is just short of 12" wide overall, cutting width is 8". I bought mine new for much more than that wholesale. I am very pleased with mine. If I didn't have mine I'd probably snatch this one. Jeremy