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    dogs, motorcycles & leather in that order.

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  1. Second business name?

    In the U.S.
  2. Second business name?

    So I have my very small startup company that I mainly get business by referral. It's not my full time job but it does occupy a good amount of my time. Mainly I've dealt with making utilitarian type leather goods......cases for tablets, holsters, wallets, sheaths and some motorcycle bags. With the help of my wife who I have dubbed as my creative director are now starting to delve into the fashion handbag community and the few things I have made I have had great response to it so we want to kind of take off with it. With that said my current company name doesn't quite roll off the tongue, to me, to attract the type of customer I want to market to. So I have another name that I find quite attractive. My question.....Do I just label my new designer style products with said name as a creation under my current company or do I need to legally create that entity? I hope that makes sense. My gut tells me I just need to create that separate company entity for future purposes. On a side note only my finer designer style products would be labeled with new said name.
  3. Wallet that I am pleased with using brogue holes

    I dig it. Love the leather chain with hook
  4. Barbers denim & leather apron

    I have another coming similar in design but different color option.
  5. Barbers denim & leather apron

    Friend of mine commissioned an apron for himself. I was able to find some really nice denim aprons already made to save me time and my customers money allowing me to just concentrate on the leather aspect of it. Custom made and hand tooled design a few more pictures
  6. Sig P320 Holster

    My absolute favorite part is the accenting groves you carried over from the gun to the holster. Really ties it all in.
  7. Cowgirl boots

    You are very far from me indeed my friend.
  8. Cowgirl boots

    Wow. I am in awe. I'm tempted to be a customer myself. Do you have a website?
  9. Shield 9 pancake

    Keep up the good work and follow what I have always been taught "Perfect practice makes perfect". A suggestion if I may, make your belt slots a little wider because the user will have to fight sliding it on their EDC belt unless of course their EDC belt is a dress belt.
  10. Shave Kits

    very nice bags. love the attention to detail
  11. very nice work. what did you use for your edging?
  12. Show your Shop

    Still building on it. I used to work in the garage but moved operations into the house. I repurposed one of my rooms to house my machines and I'm gradually bringing everything else in.
  13. Tapered Dog Collar

    That is correct
  14. Tapered Dog Collar

    Actually I didn't use a resist. I let leather case and when I punched the letters and the border I made sure to go deep enough. Once it all dried back up I then proceeded to dye it with Fiebings pro dye. My process to do this is actually really simple of course first thing is first, the stamping has to be deep. I actually use a microfiber cloth like the ones you find at the auto parts store to apply the dye. You will need paper towel napkins (throw aways). So I basically hold the microfiber towel to the 4oz bottle of dye and let it soak in (lightly) still this is too much to start applying to leather so.....I dab it against the paper towel quite a bit as to absorb the really wet of the dye into it. Let the microfiber set for like 20-30 seconds then start to apply light coats onto the leather. You will probably need to do this step a few times to completely cover the leather. I always always have a test strip that I equally stamp as deep to make sure I'm not oversaturating the microfiber cloth. The secret is to let the paper napkin absorb the first really wet application and use the residual to dye. hope this helps.