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  1. Union Lockstitch for sale

  2. Union Lockstitch for sale

    Very clean Union Lockstitch for sale. Had been serviced by Bogle Greenwell.$1800pick up Azle, Texas. If interested I can send you pictures
  3. Second attempt has a picture
  4. Glock 42 holster

  5. Glock 42 holster with alligator print overlay
  6. Cowboy 227R

    Anyone have any experience with the CB227R? I already own a Artisan 3000 good machine no issues. Purchased a Adler 467 very inconsistent sewing if you sew slow in turns corners it never pulls the bottom loop thru and this is after spending time adjusting. I want to keep the Atisan set up with 207 thread and if I replace the Adler want the new machine with 183 thread for smaller items.