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  1. Retention Mag Pouch

    Nice work!
  2. Flexi-Max? IWB

  3. Sourcing Leather For 6' Leads

    Thank you very much Bob; much appreciated.
  4. A couple of newbie questions. I want to make dog leashes and I want them to be 6' long. Given that I want to construct them with a blood knot on the handle end and the clasp end; I am guessing that I will need strips that are roughly 80" long. I would like to use veg-tan to make them. So, can anybody tell me where to source strips that long and should I be looking to buy it on a roll (if possible) or buy a hide and if so what hide if any would yield strips that long. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would look something like this.
  5. Mahogany spots

  6. Newbie Leash. & Collar Questions

    Thank you.
  7. Hoping that folks here will answer some of my questions regarding making leashes and collars. I've read as much as I could but still have questions. I want to primarily make 6' leads with a blood knot on each end. I also want to make all leather martingale collars. I live in New England. Okay, so here are my questions: 1. In order to make a 6' long lead with a blood knot on each end, how long a strip will I need and where can I source it? 2. Latigo vs. Veg tan for leashes. What are the pros and cons and the same question for making collars? 3. Cutting strips. What is the tool called, price range and where can I source them? 4. I know from what I've read so far that Veg tan needs to be dyed and conditioned. So, what is the procedure, e.g., in what order do you do it and how do you apply them? 5. What is the cost range for dyes and conditioners and where can I source them? 6. I've noticed that when making a leash with a blood knot, some folks scribe a center line. What tool is used for that? 7. What tool is used to punch holes for adjusting size in a collar and what is the price range and where can I source them? Thanks in advance for any info. Any help would be most appreciated.
  8. Hello and Greetings from New Hampshire. I am hoping to learn how to make leather dog leashes. Currently I'm reading old threads on here to answer as many questions as I can for myself. That being, said, I'm sure I'll have lots more questions.