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  1. Another great example of the art of figure carving! Makes my hands itching to be tried on Tuco's face. Though being awed by your and Mike's work, I'll need a beer first, or better two, in order to build up the necessary boldness!
  2. I'm once again tempted to give away my Tools!
  3. A piece of art! I also like your interests: learning, teaching, being...
  4. Thank you sir! It's soft brown leather from Tandy of 2-3 oz, I believe, lined/reinforced by natural cowhide of the same weight.
  5. Thanks for the info! As of the price I actually don't feel qualified to put in my two cents, but on a gut level I'd say: a grand. In order to avoid the fourth digit you could reduce your hourly wage to 13 bucks.
  6. Undoubtedly the work of a pro! Admirable craftsmanship! Is the basketweave cut by hand?
  7. Very nice! I like the combination of your interests!
  8. John Bianchi himself couldn't have done it any better, I guess!
  9. Wow!! Chapeau!! The description of your fight against the prehistoric monster made me chuckle.
  10. I wish I could carve that well!
  11. Great design, professionally executed, reminds me of some handbags I've seen in Milan recently which cost about a thousend bucks each. You've put many hours and very much attention to detail into the production of your sister's bag, as one - in my experience - only does when it's about a present for a loved one.