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  1. IPad Cover

    Perfectly aligned basketweave, perfect … In a nutshell: I like everything about the cover!
  2. Pancake sheath for folding knife

    "Show Off" is dead right! Great sheath!, nice choice of colors, nice and even background! I have botched such a project because I punched the belt slits before the stitching holes... I'm also a fan of Don Gonzales's vids and patterns. I hope to muster enough courage soon to attack the shaving kit.
  3. 44 special holster

    This is exactly the design I chose for one of my first bold steps into the world of leather decoration! Your holster is undoubtedly far better made and looks a whole lot better! BUT mine bears the scars of the countless showdowns my son had to fight out with his toy gun! (Seriously, it is outright embarassing to look at it now). IMHO the Stohlman design is quite elegant but needs careful alignment of holster and skirt. And there is always wiggle room for adjustment.
  4. Finished Quiver

    The Image reveals the work of a true professional ! I understand your preference. For my own use I've made kind of a Slim Jim holster that holds the five arrows we usually shoot. I have been thinking about putting a divider into my quasi-turkish quiver. It would look a lot better than the bunched together arrow shafts you see on my first Image. And it makes it a bit more easy to grab a single arrow. But after shooting and pulling my five arrows I don't want to feed every single one into the divider. I simply let the bundle slide in and am ready for the next round. Of all the turkish quivers I've studied at the museum (it might be a dozen or so) only one is equipped with a divider. A removable divider wouldn't be bad, I guess.
  5. Finished Quiver

    I have yet to find a hobby that yields free beer. Music is out of the Question although I'm proud owner of a Banjo. But the neck of that darn thing is simply too narrow for my fingers. Actually it isn't that difficult. Decoration is unnecessary and then it's either two layers stitched together or a tube. I opted for two layers and studied some turkish quivers at the Museum before I started drawing. Most quivers have sewn-in Bottoms some don't. I decided to skip box stitching and stuffed the bottom instead with some canvas. Works great.
  6. Finished Quiver

    Thanks NCArcher! Only one side of the quiver is stamped. I had trad archery in mind, so the arrows would point back (right handed shooter). Stamping both sides would have overstrained my patience I'm with Railrider: That's one heck of an accomplishment! Being a mediocre trad archer myself, I'm in awe of such an achievement! But it's a good thing that you have your life back!
  7. Western purse

    Great tooling! Audacious choice of colors … looks gorgeous! If you don't mind me nitpicking... I've never done any buckstitching but I assume that slits that weren't angled but right ON the guideline, would produce pointed stitches that would look even better.
  8. Finished Quiver

    Thanks, Railrider. I used a large camouflage tool I bought many years ago in Germany. From tip to tip it measures 12 mm (almost 1/2 "). Any large and fairly rounded camouflage tool will do, e.g. Craftool C455 (which measures 7/8x11/32). I accented the scales with a narrow textured pear shader (P370), but any drop-shaped tool will do. The pic shows scale-experiments: Camouflage tool - scales accented with narrow pear shader or backgrounder - Berry King border tool added. It pais to make a template and to mark the points where the scales meet. Upper left Corner: A scale tool that I bought from Bulgaria produced sharp contours but otherwise flat impressions.
  9. Finished Quiver

    Arrows at 80 bucks each would merit to be housed in one of the antique turkish quivers that are on display in the Imperial Armoury in Vienna!
  10. Finished Quiver

    Thanks, Rockoboy! And You are right. Since even chape (chape?) and billet of the belt are lined and stitched, I should have paid more attention to the hanger straps. Originally I thought I'd offer the quiver without belt. Then I found the long forgotten western belt ... Thanks, Bob! My rig worn in a FITA championship? I would have bragged about it to my pals!
  11. Finished Quiver

    Thank you, YinTx. Actually it wasn't that much of a hardship because I already had the belt lying around in a drawer. Only after finishing the quiver I found out that both pieces were equal in color and design.
  12. Finished Quiver

    Thank you, Fire88. A fellow archer practically pried the set out of my hands. That flatters the amateur leather crafter and justifies the tedious work.
  13. Waist Belt Bag

    Looks well made, nice and clean! For concealed carry, I guess. Sweat and skin Irritation caused by the inner zipper might be an issue though.
  14. Archery arm guard

    Great design espertly executed! I like the casual suggestion of the Ying Yang motif!
  15. Simple Tools - maximum effect! A piece of art!