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  1. Vintage style briefcase

    I'm impressed! That's serious leatherwork!
  2. Dopp Kit w/a Western Flair

    Same here!
  3. Practice Flower Done

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Practice Flower Done

    Another flawless piece! Beautiful design, beautiful Carving, perfect stitching! What you are telling about the thread might for my Level of understanding as well be chinese. I'm using thick prewaxed thread from Tandy. Some of it responds to the lighter flame after finishing the stitching, some of it doesn't. That's all I can say. Seems that I have to do some research in this field.
  5. A different sort of wallet

    Another unique creation! It's evident, that you love to create! I like especially the ingenious/simple way the eye is tucked under the pig Skin. The necessary cut in the pig skin is totally consistent with the shape of an eye!
  6. Portrait of wife

    Fantastic work!
  7. Simple Basketweave Belt

    As @JLSleather uses to say: Thank ya, thank ya! PS:
  8. Sheridan tote bag

    Returning for the umpteenth time, I wish I could reach your level of craftsmanship one day!
  9. Bond Arms Bullpup 9mm

    That's exactly what I meant !
  10. Bond Arms Bullpup 9mm

    Beautiful Holster. I enjoy the colloquial snippets that adorn your posts.
  11. First aid kit cover

    Seconding all of the above!
  12. Wolf purse

    Beautiful, unique! So you "draw" such a picture criss-crossing over a sketch with a sewing machine?
  13. Sheridan tote bag

    I' m once again blown out of the water by your work! Letting the corners peak out of the lacing makes the bag speak to the future owner: "Don't be shy, give it to me, I want to take in all your groceries!"
  14. Simple Basketweave Belt

    Thank you @koreric75. It's just a PowerPoint presentation saved as a sequence of pics. I should have scaled them down.
  15. Simple Basketweave Belt

    Thank you Gentlemen! Glad you found my little how-to useful. And @billybopp, I'm fairly sure that Santa's belt is a plain strap of chinese plastic.