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  1. Very impressive work! I like the inverted corners!
  2. Female features carved into leather are easy to botch, I guess. You sure met the challenge expertly!
  3. Excellent carving! I like especially the roundness of the stems, the matching rhythm of basket stamp and border and how you negotiated the corner of the basket band. I would have needed a miter joint, I guess. And I agree of course: The bottle cover is too good to be used on mere water!
  4. Battrlemunky, I like the idea of entrusting the dog with the task of distressing the leather! Leahterhips, the additional pics show ........... simply show perfect craftsmanship!
  5. Seems that you collected a lot of experience and knowledge making small items! Marvelous!
  6. Thank you Bob! In my experience the eyes are the most difficult feature in a portrait. But since I just copied a photo, the eyes didn't offer resistance. Next - and more difficult, I guess - will be a female portrait.
  7. That's spectacular! And my assessment is worth considerably more than two Cents since I confronted once a bunch of ten year olds with my tools and some scrap leather...
  8. Some more German for you, Kiwican: "Wer schießen will, soll schießen und nicht quatschen!"
  9. Thank you, Windrider.
  10. Thank you for the kind words, Gentlemen! Sure! “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” is also my favorite movie! And Tuco’s part is the most interesting while Clint Eastwood is required to keep a straight face. I admire the guys who do clean and precise work, whereas mine sometimes looks as if “pulled out of the cow’s ass” (as we say in German). But in this particular case my way of working seems adequate to the subject. And, yes, we are our worst critics. Looking at rope and neck I could kick myself … on the other hand … I might present a less censorious friend with Tuco’s portrait, although I’d aimed low and intended the project as mere practice.
  11. Very nice work! I`d like to try my hands on such a belt. May I ask which kind of lace you used and how long one strand would have to be?
  12. Tank you Bikermutt and, yes, it's meant to represent "The Ugly"/Eli Wallach.
  13. My first attempt at a Portrait. I actually expected to botch it but it turned out not half bad. I tried to Imitate the fantastic three-dimensional effect that achieved Immiketoo in his recent portraits: Basically it's two layers of leather with the outline of the face in between. I also added a nose-shaped piece and cut holes into the sandwiched face for eye sockets and mouth but, of course, the effect is far from what Mike did to Popeye's bulging eye. I also regret that I didn't pay more attention to the rope.
  14. Another great example of the art of figure carving! Makes my hands itching to be tried on Tuco's face. Though being awed by your and Mike's work, I'll need a beer first, or better two, in order to build up the necessary boldness!
  15. I'm once again tempted to give away my Tools!