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  1. Hello Pete

     I was reading posts about the Landis 3 and came across these post about Landis 3 problems. I have a Landis 3 and am getting it up and running. What I wanted to ask you about is your post in that thread. The post  was back in '09.

    You said this " i;ve heard an ol saddlemaker who lifted his #3 head off the base and extended his upper lower drive shaft by?and could sew a full inch, had a machine shop extend it and made some risers to sit under head,to equal out with the new drive shaft length pete"

    I am not sure what you were actually referring to.

    Thank you



  2. back in Australia when I was a bit of a lad , in th saddle shops I worked in n also in English saddlery, thar is an edge iron a curled concave lip. various sizes for various thickness. we usually had a [tea] coffee can in which we stuck a candle. th tool has a long shaft with a wooden handle.we'd set th tool over th flame,usually resting on a base of some make up. th flame would heat up th tip, then we'd dip it into a block of beeswax n rub it down th edged piece,when u get th hang of it it goes along good, seems like th edge would be died first, th wax really makes a smooth edge , remember slippin a time or three n burnin my holdin hand too. .
  3. i have used rosin, bar saddle soap even bees wax to get a grip it wont last but holds fairly long
  4. gloves are hard to make,if your patterns are xact i'd find a friendly leather shop with a sewing machine n have them run th edges to be sew'd 6 to th inch no fun there i'd give th hide back. i've made rodeo gloves 1 at a time,sell rh or lh for 3o years n still not me fav task..
  5. after years of layin tools down in a heap whilst toolin n then havin to seek one in th heap,i color coded them also my tool board .this has help'd me quite a bit n i thought it worth sharin .
  6. i had a leather leather man around dallas tx show me how he dealt with oil dye n by golly i do it every time i can !when your ready to dye [esp black] first put a coat of lacquer down i wait a suitable time for dryin then apply dye ,dry .buff off virtually nothing then relaq. where possible n if in best interest i still can oil or dress from backside.i encourage people on here over n over n still haven't seen any other person talk about its success or negative i do it all th time .
  7. randy i'd oil m cause they'll not see open air rfer a long time eh;th stohlman books on saddl makin are great for any level if you dont have m try to locate th 3 books n get educated all th steps are there with explanations
  8. several aust dealers in lw do a search or go back several pages lookin for oz address's been buyin over here good selection i see /
  9. take a sharpn'd scratch awl ]kinda like a sharp pointed phillips screwdriver] on th conch edge in th rope edge or into some engraving along th edge get th point in there good, n tap th awl backin th conch out until you can remove it by hand.i do this often,usually no usually no damage to concho/
  10. there was a time when a lot of mex leather was tanned in urine .hence th bad smell.i'm sure that this tanning goes back to spain.morocco was a portugeese creation and i bet they used urine too going by th smell associated with ''moroccan'' stuff i've observed .
  11. leather lac is for veg leather only by that i mean tooling, saddle leather.it wont work on other leas latigo holds it but eventually flakes off.could be your dye isnt holding it ?on bends best wet n lock in yer bend b4 you lac as th bending will stretch n crack lea and or lac shouldn't but can.thinning has its place but full coat is better ,try makin lace holes b4 lac or vice versa .
  12. an older than me leather bloke in dallas tx showed me a neat way to dye black. try on scrap,lacquer first th area to be blcknd.then paint black dye on [apply lol] let dry ov nite lightly buff gives a patent look with no residue eh !
  13. try wipeing th antq off with a damp finger rag,if not clean enuff try a damp alcohol finger rag then dry and re cover letters with your seal. a finger rag is one finger on a rag lol
  14. ehsi should one do fer nose rings ?
  15. did u ever locate a sdl maker ?