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  1. Self inflicted wounds

    Yeah, that guy IS an idiot. He declares arrogantly and confidently that he is trained and that others shouldn't handle firearms. I've seen it before, essentially, "I'm a cop, so I'm an expert and you are not.". Stunning. I've been involved with firearms for over 30 years, and was a competitive shooter for about 15 years, shooting 3-500rnds a week in practice, with probably 200,000+ rounds under my finger - and I know a LOT of folks who routinely shot more, and consequently were better than I. Meanwhile, I remember some leftist commentator saying about this video -"If a trained police officer can have an accident like this, then guns are too dangerous for the untrained public." Typical BS from those who believe that they are smarter than you. I'm SO tired of this crap! Accident? NO! An "accidental discharge" is when something in the gun fails and it fires when it should not. A "NEGLIGENT discharge" is when someone unintentionally fires a gun that is functioning as intended. HUGE difference. A lot of guys like this dude, need to go to a CIVILIAN competition, and see what can really be done with a firearm in TRULY trained hands. ....but I still stink with knives! LOL!
  2. A Few Holster I Just Finished

    Mea Culpa....Well, it looks wonderful, nonetheless
  3. A simple belt with my favorite leather

    Man, that's CLEAN! (and classy). For skiving a strap of any kind, this video is the neatest, coolest, "Why didn't I think of THAT!" method I've seen:
  4. A Few Holster I Just Finished

    Beautiful work, Todd. For some unexplainable aesthetic reason, I've never been a fan of lacing with a whip stitch...but your application and execution are wonderful! Gee...might have to rethink my irrational bias... LOL! Chris
  5. A big "First" for me ;)

    First of all - One needn't be a "pro". There is no better reason to just play music, than for your personal enjoyment. For those who play music, at ANY level, simply because they love it, I am always helpful and encouraging, and never overly critical. It is only when some turkey thinks he/she is a pro, that my rather stringent standards of musicianship apply. In that regard, I can easily come off as an arrogant p**k! LOL! Enjoy the music, and GO MAKE THAT NECKSTRAP! The first one doesn't need to be pretty, and everyone on this forum will give great input, since they understand what it takes just to get started. I know what you mean about the "knowledge acquisition mode", but what got me to do it was realizing that with ~$200 of hand tools, you can literally make almost anything. It's a LOT of fun to pick up something in videos, etc, try it, and find out, "hey, I CAN do this!" BTW...welcome to the forum. I've met a LOT of nice folks and incredible craftsmen in the short time I've been here. Jump in. Ask questions. Marvel at the work. You won't be disappointed. Thanks, bro - I work in slow motion in spare time, but will indeed continue to post - the folks here give comments and input that are often an epiphany for us burgeoning leather crafters.
  6. A big "First" for me ;)

    Well, I studied classically from age 9 through college, but got my first electric bass in 6th grade (11-12), playing everything that was on the radio, tv, and records. Today I consider myself a jazz player, as it's the greatest challenge, and the style I probably do the best. Blues is cool, but it's so harmonically limited, I lose interest quickly. Here's a link to a group I've been involved with this last year, called Jazz Juice. There are studio, live, and video recordings if you scroll down the page. http://www.markdalzell.com/jj.htm I can't either!!
  7. A big "First" for me ;)

    Thanks, @bikermutt07
  8. A big "First" for me ;)

    Peg slash...Yup, that one hurts. Background was just a small seeder. Tedious, but much easier to avoid the "hamburger" mistakes I make with a bargrounder. LOL Stitching - I'm trying the "traditional" method, using an awl...it gets a bit wonky in spots, especially when having moved the piece in the pony. Seems I have a tendency to meander a bit. Ah...more practice! Thanks for the comments
  9. A big "First" for me ;)

    Thanks, guys. @immiketoo Wow...thanks, Mike - I hope to live long enough to have my work look like yours! Oh yes... that one was put together for me in 1983, to be a modern "clone" of my '66 Jazz Bass, sans frets. Wanna see some REAL character?? A buddy of mine calls this one "the canoe" since the grooves where my thumb go are actually quite deep after playing this one for almost 40 years!
  10. Self inflicted wounds

    Sharp?? I could probably cut myself with a Q-tip.
  11. A big "First" for me ;)

    Well, I did it! I've been doing leather for a little less than a year, where my attempts at carving were on small things (like initials on a belt), here is my first "big" project - a fully carved and lined guitar strap for myself. Despite a dozen mistakes here and there, I'm kinda proud of having completed this. The liner is 1.5-2oz Pigskin. Comments and critiques welcome - I know I'm among friends here
  12. Custom Guitar Strap

    Nice job - I've always believed that a custom measured strap is better than any typical adjustment system.
  13. Just a 'lil coaster practice

    Ah... If you like a scotch that is really "pete-y" like Laphroig, you should also tray Talisker sometime. Wonderful single malt. OH yeah...the coasters look nice. Sorry...got sidetracked! ROFL!
  14. What a GREAT uncle!! That's SOoooo cool, especially for a 5yo. It's something he'll appreciate more and more as the years go by - it looks sturdy enough to stand up to a rambunctious kid! LOL!
  15. Leather & Waxed Canvas Backpack

    Wow! What a clever and wonderfully executed design!