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  1. 7-33 advice

    Finally got it all cleaned up, could do more, but just a lot of grime dirt/oil on her. I threaded some 5 cord and have sewn some things together, no issues what so ever. Still not sure what to do with it. I am still hand stiching, or using my 111w151. I am learning why a lot of you collect these machines, every time I think I should sell it and my 111w to fund a used cowboy or something like that I can’t seem to list it.
  2. 7-33 advice

    Thanks for the help Cowboy Bob and Gregg. I will order some 794 and thread shortly. Going with 207 I think, but really tempted to see how well it does with 5 or 6 cord. The Spent the last few days just cleaning, scraping and lubing. Modified and sharpened some harbor freight scrapers for the job. I am fighting the urge to fully take it all apart and clean it up. Mild OCD when it comes to machinery, But also think it one of those if it not broke don’t fix it times. I did find a missing nut on the screw that connects the feed regulator to the connection link. (Anyone know the tread pitch of this?) still no idea what I am going to do with it. My parents made leather bags in the basement back in the 70s/80s. The state of Massachusetts even paid half the wages for two South American immigrant women to work for them for a while. They did well with it from what I have been told and we’re sold in a number of stores on the east coast. I only vaguely remember some machines collecting dust as they gave it up due to family/jobs. So might fly mom down to get some ideas (slave labor) out of her.
  3. 7-33 advice

    Hello, new member but have been lurking and reading alot on the site for over a year now. I have a yard sale find 111w151 that I have been using to make little items like wallets, aprons, knife roll. Nothing great just having fun. I ended up buying a 7-33 from my local sewing machine repair shop for pretty cheap (I think) when I was in for a servo motor. Spur of the moment purchase, have no need for it, nor from what i have no read on here is it a the best option for leather. It was just too cool and beautiful to pass up. Its threaded with 138 now and used it to sew up an old canvas bag (sea bag). Which it did flawlessly. So have searched the site, printed out manuals but still have a few questions. So appreciate all of the help so far. It came with about 50 7x1 needles. I found two sponsered vendors here one with 7x4 and the other with 794dia. Is there a big difference? Any recommendations? I still can not find 7x2. So no big plans and while overkill still plan on making wallets, aprons etc. But i do make knives (which lead me down this leatherwork road) what size thread would you recommend for sheaths? To be honest I plan on playing with it for a while but will probably trade it in for something more suited for my needs.
  4. New Member in Virginia Beach

    So I finally joined, been lurking for over a year. I started making knives a while back, which lead to wanting to learn to make sheaths. I would see old sewing machines and would always check this site to see if they could do leather. So appreciate all the info. About a year ago I picked up a 111w151 head and motor/wiring for $15. The next day I brought it to a local repair guy since it was missing some small parts and a table. Tuned, cleaned, bobbins, needles, thread with a used table and motor, along with a lesson. No charge! He is a retired Navy PRC and I am an active duty Chief and we told sea stories for about 5 hours as he cleaned and tuned it up. I did insist of paying and ended up buying a new table top and some other supplies. Still haven’t made a sheath, but a lot of wallets, a few small bags and a few other small things. Last week I stopped by my local Sewing machine repair guy again this time for a servo motor. He had this beautiful, 7-33. He said it needed a good cleaning but works, and in great mechanical shape. When he said I could have it for $300, I said yes immediately knowing nothing about it just thought it was impressive. He tuned it up a over the past few days, and he delivered it today. In addition to the motor/table/bobbins/needles he had a used servo motor for my 111! . Spent last night sewing an old seabag together. I don’t really need this machine, I just thought it was beautiful and a spur of the moment purchase. I think I will clean it up, use it and maybe trade for something better for sheaths. What is this machine good for? Besides tents and parachutes. So I think I have read every post on the site for 7-33, downloaded the manuals from the links provided so thanks to everyone here for all the info. I also picked up a used huge box of leather tools (stamps knives etc) but need to learn a bit more on that type of work soon. Thom M.