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  1. Hey Avion, nice job! One piece of advice I have is to overlap your basket weave tool instead of trying match it up to the previous stamp,This will eliminate the guess work and ensure you have a straight line every time. Hope this helps! Again good job! That molding looks great!
  2. Feels good to be back. :)

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      I was wondering where you went! Welcome back :)

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      No need to come in here shoutin'. Hold the noise down, kid :)

  3. Constructing Spur Straps

    I myself downloaded the free tandy pack, but if you have a smaller normal size printer it will be to small at 100%;you could always print, cut paper, and put it around your boot for size. I recommend starting on a one piece spur strap or "Dove Wing" . Question 1: Many spur strap patterns use 8-9 oz. ; Question 2: you do not need to line the straps, it is optional and many do not. Question 3:Some are done for decoration like these that I did yesterday: and others have a lining and that is why they are stitched. If you would like the Dove Wing pattern I would be happy to email it to you just PM me your email address. I hope this information helps.
  4. Paddle Holster For A Ruger .45 Auto

    I don't know to much about holsters,but it looks good to me. Welcome to LW always glad to see someone new, your work looks really good. Did you hand sew or machine?
  5. Trying My Hand At Purses

    If you search around on the internet you can get volume one for free in pdf form or pm me and I could email it to you.
  6. Starting To Sell Some Stuff.

    Electrathon, Yes For now I'm not making that much... under $1,000... but I didn't want to do something that I wasn't supposed too... thank you.
  7. Starting To Sell Some Stuff.

    I was looking on yahooo and it said if you make less than $5,450 you don't have to pay taxes... is this true?
  8. Starting To Sell Some Stuff.

    Sylvia and Dan, thank you very much for the information. I will start writing down everything I buy and and sell... again thank you.
  9. Starting To Sell Some Stuff.

    Hi, I was wandering if I had to pay taxes on leather wallets,belts etc. I am under 18 so I didn't know if I did or not... thanks in advance!
  10. Wall Decoration

    WOW! Absolutely AMAZING!!! I don't know I've seen something that big before; how long did it take you? Incredible work!!!!
  11. How Do I Get Good Results With Embossing Machine?

    Tandy has an instructional video on this, at their website and facebook page... Hope this helps.
  12. First Bracelet

    Good job keep up the good work!!
  13. Good design I would recommend putting some Feibings edge kote on it but over all looks great keep posting the pictures!
  14. 2 Tooled Pieces

    Good job for your first two pieces... I recommend going to Tandy. LEAther and watching the instructional videos when you are just starting out they are very useful... Hope this helps, ~New Leathercafter.
  15. 1/2 scale saddle

    Truly amazing! keep up the excellent work!